Master's in Business & Technology Management
Acquire the skills to manipulate the architecture of current and emerging technologies in order to interpret and evaluate the impact these technologies have within an organization.
Master's in Communication Studies
Build a foundation of effective communication competencies for personal and professional advancement.
Master's in Community-Based Education & Leadership
Impact diverse populations of learners and gain the skills to become a change leader within the expanding non-formal and informal education settings.
Master's in Crime Scene Investigation
Evaluate crime scenes and select the appropriate steps to be followed in documenting, collecting, preserving, and processing evidence.
Master's in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics
Learn to preserve, acquire, analyze, interpret, and document computer forensic findings for use in legal and computer security proceedings.
Master's in Forensic Accounting
Assess fraud risk and adequacy of internal control structures, evaluate financial evidence, and effectively communicate findings, analysis, and conclusions during legal proceedings.
Master's in Forensic Investigation
Analyze and evaluate documentary and testimonial evidence vital to criminal investigations and trials.
Master's in Forensic Science
Learn the instrumentation, technology, and pertinent law used to collect evidence for presentation in a court of law.
Master's in Forensic Studies
Apply specialized knowledge to the criminal justice system, opening new career prospects in a field where your skills will be in high demand.
Master's in Healthcare Management
Designed for working adults who want to expand their careers and strengthen their credentials as healthcare managers, administrators, and consultants.
Master's in Nursing
Designed for working nurses, this program is flexible and offered online.
Master's in Teaching (MAT)
Graduates will meet requirements for teaching science or mathematics at the middle and high school levels and be well-versed in the integrative and inquiry-based methodologies of STEM.