Stevenson University Online welcomes you to the online learning environment. As many adult students feel overwhelmed or unprepared to take online courses, Stevenson University Online offers avenues to help you determine if you are ready to participate in online learning. In order to succeed in the online learning environment, students are required to be self-motivated and exhibit excellent time management skills. Additionally, students must have access to a quality, high-speed internet connection and use a desktop or laptop to successfully complete coursework through Blackboard, our online education system.

A Typical Week

Review the example schedule below to get an idea of the amount of time you will need to make yourself available to work on weekly assignments. Students should plan on working at least 10-20 hours per week on course assignments. Please note, Stevenson courses offered online in 8-week sessions are taught at an accelerated pace. 

  • Mon.

    Plan to work at least 1 hour on course assignments. 

    Review the assignment(s) for the week and look at relevant articles if needed. Begin reading assigned chapters.

  • Tues.

    Plan to work at least 1-2 hours on course assignments. 

    Finish reading assignments for the week and begin developing ideas for discussion board post.

  • Wed.

    Plan to work at least 1-2 hours on course assignments.

    Post response to instructors question on the discussion board. Begin working on assignments that are due Sunday.

  • Thurs.

    Plan to work at least 1-2 hours on course assignments. 

    Continue working on drafting paper and any additional assignments.

  • Fri.

    Plan to work at least 1 hour on course assignments. 

    Respond to classmates original discussion board post during lunch break.

  • Sat.

    Plan to work at least 3-4 hours on course assignments

    Complete research and rough draft of weekly paper. Family time and/or personal activities.

  • Sun.

    Plan to work at least 3-4 hours on course assignments. 

    Finalize paper and submit other assignments due for review. Family time and/or personal activities.

Blackboard Video Tutorials

Watch step-by-step tutorials to familiarize yourself with Stevenson’s online education system, Blackboard. Learn how to navigate and utilize Blackboard successfully by reviewing the following videos.

Logging in to Blackboard

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Expectations and Workload


Course Information

Blackboard Discussion Boards

Online Readiness Assessment

Find out if you are prepared to learn within an online environment by completing an online readiness assessment.

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Technical Requirements

Supported Desktop Browser Versions

  • Chrome 36+
  • Edge 20+
  • Firefox 31+
  • Internet Explorer 11+ (Windows only)
  • Safari 6+ (Mac OS only)

Audio and microphone capabilities
Reliable computer
High-speed and reliable internet availability
via an Internet Service Provider (ISP)
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