Tuition 2022-2023

Stevenson University Online has simplified the cost of your education by eliminating all fees. Please see below for tuition cost per credit.

Online Graduate Programs

ProgramsStandard Tuition Rate
Community-Based Education & Leadership (MA)$495
Integrative Learning (Med)$495
Teaching (MA)$495
Nursing (MS)$625
Digital Transformation and Innovation (MS)$670
Business and Technology Management (MS)$670
Communication Studies (MS)$670
Crime Scene Investigation (MS)$695
Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics (MS)$695
Forensic Accounting (MS)$695
Forensic Investigation (MS)$695
Forensic Science (MS)$695
Forensic Studies (MS)$695
Healthcare Management (MS)$670

Online Undergraduate Programs

ProgramsStandard Tuition Rate
Undergraduate Programs (non-nursing)$450
Associate to Bachelor’s (ATB)$495
Professional Studies$395
RN to BS$495
RN to BS/MS in Nursing$495

Online Certificate Programs

ProgramsStandard Tuition Rate
Community-Based Education & Leadership$495
Literacy Education$495
Secondary STEM Teaching & Learning$495
Population-Based Care Coordination$625
Crime Scene Investigation$695
Digital Forensics$695
Forensic Accounting$695
Forensic Investigation$695
Nursing Education$625
Quality Management and Patient Safety$670

The cost of books varies by program. Estimated costs per year for full-time Stevenson University Online undergraduate students is $1,400 and full-time graduate students $1,000.