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We are so proud of the FAD club and their e-board, for organizing the 2nd annual Brunch with Bosses event that took place on Friday, March 26th! There were 7 fashion professional panelist from Nordstrom, Baltimore magazine, A.

During the University’s annual spring break, Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising students were accompanied by the head of the program, Mr. Bell, and full time Professor, Ms.

By Erin BoggsI was intrigued by many aspects of the fashion design program here at SU, but what ultimately inspired me to apply was the annual opportunity to show garments at New York Fashion Week.Each year, qualifying studen.

By: Rebecca Rios“Congratulations, you have been accepted into the Study Abroad program at Instituto Internazionale Lorenzo de Medici for the Spring 2018 term." The day that simple message popped up in my email was a day tha.

By: Sydnee ColeHonestly, I just want to get some sleep as I try to balance work life, school and my social life. Key word: “time management".