By: Sydnee Cole

Honestly, I just want to get some sleep as I try to balance work life, school and my social life. Key word: “time management”. I feel like everything happens for a reason, and all that I am doing right now, despite my restless nights, will ultimately make me a stronger person. On the brightside, working at Nordstrom has truly been a learning experience.

From taking courses like fashion retailing and visual merchandising, I have been able to see, first hand, what it takes to make a store functional. It truly is a rewarding feeling to be a “student-employee”. It’s like going to medical school and interning at a hospital. You have your lessons in school and hands-on experiences within the store.

Initially, I began my career at Nordstrom, working at Nordstrom Rack in Service Experience. During this time, I was in my second semester. I was learning about fashion retailing and product development. It was so cool to see what I was learning was cohesive with what I did at work. I believe the most tedious and tiring task with working in retail is inventory. Oh my gosh. In a nutshell, you come in after the store closes, go to the back to sign-in and get your scanner to scan inventory. They put you in groups for each department, and you scan your life away. Even though you have a scanner, you have to count a section of inventory and enter that number into the scanner. If it is wrong, you have to do it over. Oh yeah! You can’t listen to music while doing it. Just… great, right? If inventory started at 9, it would be over around 12/1 a.m., and then I have to get up for my morning class, just tragic. Through it all, I enjoy working for Nordstrom. I now work at the MAC Cosmetics counter.

Here are some words of encouragement for those students trying to balance work and school. For those days when you feel defeated, just remember, everything happens for a reason, and the future belongs to you! Make it all count! NEVER give up because it is all worth it in the long run.