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Amira Morsi's Senior Collection

By: Karli Banas

Amira’s collection was designed to be soft, beautiful, and Venus-like. Her main inspiration came from a perfume she likes and photos of flowers in water.

Her favorite look is her navy-blue dress that has flowers at the side of the breasts. She feels it represents her collection well as it is elegant, feminine, and romantic.

Amira wants to work as a stylist or freelance designer. She wants to design custom pieces for clients who want a unique garment. She enjoys garments that are well-suited to the person who is wearing them and would even love to create custom costumes.

The hardest part of the design process for Amira was deciding which of her ideas for designs would actually be made into garments. She wanted to choose designs that would best represent her as a designer.

Her target market is women ages 20-40. Women with lavish lifestyles who spend much of their time traveling, painting, going to country clubs and cigar bars, and hanging out on yachts are her ideal customer.

Her design aesthetic is vintage and chic. She is inspired by clothing from the 50s and 60s and likes adding her own twists to make them more modern and wearable in the present time.

Her favorite part of the design process was deciding what her collection would be focused around and which designs would be included. She also enjoyed seeing everything come together at the end, as she feels the process of making the clothes can be overwhelming.

Amira feels the Stevenson Fashion Design department taught her techniques that she will be able to take into the industry with her. She also was able to get one-on-one help from professors and work study students when she needed it.

If given the opportunity to design for a celebrity or public figure, she would choose Bella Hadid. Amira feels Hadid has an old-fashioned, sexy look to her and fits Amira’s design aesthetic.

Designers she looks to for inspiration include Mugler, Coco Chanel, and Edith Head. She likes Mugler’s use of curves and how everything is well-fitted to the female body. She feels all of the above designers create looks that stand out from the crowd and are styles that “it girls” would wear to big events.

Senior Designer Amira Morsi

Tanyka Trotman's Senior Collection

By: Karli Banas

Tanyka’s collection is inspired by Disney villains and the Met Gala. She feels Disney villains dress well, but their clothing is often overlooked by their wicked actions. She wanted to tie them with the Met Gala, since it has had so many unorthodox themes throughout the years. She felt the villains and the gala complemented each other well.

Her favorite looks from her collection are her purple dress with a slit and a cape, and the black sweetheart pencil dress with a black train of feathers. Tanyka feels they really stand out from the rest of her collection.

In the future, she sees herself either selecting fabric or designing clothing. She feels she has the right skillset to decide what type of fabrics would work best for certain designs. She also likes to let her creativity flow and create new designs and bring new concepts into her designs.

The hardest part for Tanyka of making her collection was time management. She really had to plan out when she was going to complete the tasks that needed to be done in order to meet the deadlines. She also spent much time making sure the prototypes fit the model and dress form, so that she wouldn’t have to go back and make changes.

The target market of her collection is adults aged 25-40. She describes her designs are clean and stylish. Celebrities and those who attend the Met Gala on a regular basis are who her collection is targeted towards.

Tanyka’s design aesthetic combines casual with fancy and glamorous elements. She likes to take simple designs and make them more interesting with features like slits and extravagant detailing. She wants her designs to turn heads and attract attention.

Her favorite part of the design process was making the clothing and seeing it come together. She likes seeing how a simple idea can become reality through the multi-step process.

Tanyka feels the Fashion Design department has helped her by accommodating her busy sports schedule and giving her the opportunity to go back and fix her work. She also praised her professors for always being available to offer help outside of class and for answering her many questions.

If presented with the opportunity to design for a celebrity or public figure, Tanyka would choose Rihanna because she feels Rihanna is a style icon and makes everything she wears look great. She also admires Issa Rae and Yara Shahidi for their style and appearances. In terms of male celebrities, she would choose someone musical like Bruno Mars or Anderson Paak. She feels Mars has his own aesthetic that stands out from others. She likes that he wears a lot of 70s/80s inspired pieces.

Tanyka prefers to get inspiration from the world around her rather than designers. She decides how she wants to fit in or stand out from the world around her. When she does occasionally look to designers, she prefers Virgil Abloh and a little Gucci and Versace. She sees fashion as being much more than the popular, big-name brands.

Senior Designer Tanyka Trotman

Arminee Bunting's Senior Collection

By: Karli Banas

The inspiration for Arminee’s collection was streetwear. She was inspired by the things people wear on the streets during fashion weeks and attending fashion shows. She wanted the collection to be very modern and something people could wear every day, but also add her own unique twist to it.

Her favorite look from her collection is her jacket with a tulle train and denim pants. It’s a simple look but it has a twist to make it pop and stand out. She feels the look is fresh and hasn’t been done before and the fit of it is great.

Arminee sees herself starting as a designer assistant or technical designer for a streetwear or luxury streetwear brand. She would like to work for brands like Off-White, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Nike, and Under Armour. She would like to one day own her own luxury streetwear brand.

The hardest part of creating her collection was figuring out a concept and deciding what she wanted to do. She really didn’t know what direction to go in and debated between eveningwear and streetwear. She likes a little bit of everything, and her collection challenged her to figure out the type of clothes she wanted to design.

The target market of Arminee’s collection is women ages 20-40. Young, modern women who like to stay on trend but also stand out are her ideal customers.

Arminee’s design aesthetic is chic streetwear. She feels her designs are versatile and can fit different lifestyles. If someone wants to be bold and extra, they could wear it every day. If someone wants something they can wear to stand out at fashion weeks or walking around a big city, they could also wear it.

Her favorite part of the design process is working on her final garments. She likes the feeling of knowing she has completed her sketches, patterns, and prototypes and being able to see all her hard work come together.

When Arminee started at Stevenson she didn’t know how to sew at all. Stevenson’s Fashion Design Department has taught her well and she now feels that she can make anything. She also didn’t realize how many different career opportunities there were in the world of fashion. She feels her experiences at Stevenson have definitely confirmed that fashion is something she wants to do for a career.

If she had the opportunity to design for a celebrity Arminee would choose Rhianna, Kim Kardashian, The City Girls, or Mariah the Scientist. She feels they all have a unique style that fits her design aesthetic. She especially feels that way about Rhianna as she is known for her streetwear looks and has a unique style that stands out from others.

For inspiration she looks to designers like Disel, Off-White and Virgil Abloh, Balenciaga, Mugler, and Alexander McQueen. She feels inspired by McQueen even though she chose not to do eveningwear and tries to implement some of his concepts into her streetwear.

Senior Designer Arminee Bunting

Mikhayla Sabo's Senior Collection

By: Karli Banas

Mikhayla’s collection was first inspired by Alice in Wonderland....Learn More

Arianna Freels' Senior Collection

By: Karli Banas

Arianna’s collection was inspired by the 2018 Met Gala, “Heavenly Bodies and the Catholic Church.”...Learn More

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