Danielle Dean is a senior fashion design student at Stevenson who’s showcasing her collection at this year’s annual Stevenson University fashion show on May 6th. Danielle first started sewing at the young age of 9. She recalls the biggest struggle of learning how to sew wasn’t sewing itself but cutting out pattern pieces and fitting them together to create the shape needed. Danielle felt that the collections class allowed her to grow as a designer. She was pushed out of her comfort zone and branched out with her aesthetic.

The brand Lola and the Boys inspired Danielle’s collection due to the glitter and bright colors. Danielle described her collection in three words… fun, bright, and funky. If Danielle had one piece of advice to give to up-and-coming designers, she said, “to push yourself because some of the greatest things come out of pushing yourself.” She describes it as hard for her to come out of the box as a designer, but she is so happy that she did!