Karli Banas is a senior fashion design student at Stevenson who’s showcasing her collection at this year’s annual Stevenson University fashion show that is taking place on May 6th. She first started sewing as a Junior in High School, she tried learning prior, but it only went well once she decided she was serious about fashion. A designer that comes to the forefront of Karli’s mind when designing is Versace. When designing her senior collection, Vivian Westwood is an inspiration. Karli recognizes all of the fashion professors helping her grow as a designer at Stevenson. She says that they all helped her at different points in her career.

Karli’s advice for up-and-coming designers would be “to be patient and challenge yourself when you are making things, do not always make things that you are comfortable with.” Karli has always been interested in the fashion industry. She only considered fashion career-wise at the end of high school. Karli’s dream job is to be a fashion designer. You can check out her collection at this year’s fashion show!