Maryuri Navas is a fashion design student at Stevenson and will be showcasing her collection in the Stevenson University fashion show on May 6th. Draping was the class at Stevenson that pushed her and made her realize that she loved what she was doing regardless of the struggle. She said it was a tough class, especially with covid, but she will always be happy with the outcome of the garments that she created. Every professor at Stevenson helped her in their own unique way into shaping her into the fashion designer that she is today. She did give a special mention to professors Aronhime, Min, and Simpson.  

For her collection she calls it ‘elegant, sparkly, and form-fitting’. Sparkly would be a very fitting word to use because she has been seen with glitter all over herself after constructing her garments. From what I have seen of her collection it is giving evening gowns and luxury. I could picture someone wearing these dresses to a high-end dinner or maybe a gala. It is important to note that her favorite garment to make is dresses and she does shine greatly at their creating them.  

You wouldn’t believe it looking at her collection, but she first started sewing as a freshman in college. In just a few short years she has managed to learn and hone in her craft. Though she is good at sewing the pieces together she does still struggle with the construction of the garment. Placing the pieces of the garment puzzle together can get complicated and she spends a lot of time with her seam ripper. Her advice for new designers is to trust yourself, it’s hard to remember that you are doing the right thing for yourself. Just remember that you are doing this for a reason and that you love this.