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Specialty Scholarships

Stevenson University’s Specialty Scholarships provide the opportunity to earn additional scholarship funds. The University offers three interview-based, one portfolio-based, and one audition-based specialty scholarships which are awarded in addition to SU’s merit-based awards. All high school seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale or 80 on a 100-point scale are eligible for the Founders' Scholarship. All high school seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.3 on a 4-point scale or 83 on a 100-point scale are eligible for consideration for the Service and Leadership Scholars programs. For all interview-based specialty scholarships, the application deadline has been extended to February 1, 2021. The deadline to complete the Speciality Scholarship Interview is March 1, 2021. 

Interview-Based Specialty Scholarships: February 1, 2021 application deadline extension 

Portfolio-Based Specialty Scholarship: January 15, 2021 application deadline

Audition-Based Specialty Scholarship: January 15, 2021 application deadline

Specialty Scholarships Interviews

A Specialty Scholarship Interview will be required for the three interview-based awards listed above. Students who meet minimum qualifications and have been admitted to the University are invited to schedule a Specialty Scholarship Interview. Please note that students are only required to complete one interview to be considered for all of the scholarships.

If you don’t see a time available that works best for your schedule, please contact the admissions office at or 443-352-4450.

Please note: All Specialty Scholarship Interviews will be held via Zoom or phone (Zoom preferred). 

If there are no more Specialty Scholarship Interview slots available, please fill out the Financial Aid Appeal form

Schedule a Specialty Scholars Interview

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