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Academic Integrity

  • Your Choices Matter

    At Stevenson, we encourage everyone to 'do the right thing,' even when nobody is looking.

Integrity is a core value at Stevenson.

Stevenson students are expected to model honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, and courage. These values provide a framework for positive relationships between students and their peers, as well as between students and their faculty members. Consistency in practicing these values allows members of the Stevenson community to trust in the integrity of all academic pursuits.

Stevenson encourages students to be proud of integrity, and to be engaged in promoting integrity through campus activities. The SAIC (Student Academic Integrity Committee) allows students to be a part of the process in educating their fellow students about the importance of academic integrity. The committee created a University-wide Honor Pledge in 2015, and hosts events to increase campus awareness of academic integrity.

Details of the policy and process, including the definitions of academic misconduct, can be found in the Academic Integrity Policy.

  • Pledge Days

    Pledge Days

    To promote The Pledge and our community’s core value of integrity, the SAIC hosts an annual series of Pledge Days on each campus.  During Pledge Days, you are encouraged to sign a banner pledging your honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage. The SAIC gives away candy and other fun items as students sign the banner.  The banner, which has hundreds of signatures, hangs across from The Rock in the Manuszak Center on the Greenspring Campus. 

  • Freshman Seminar

    Freshman Seminar

    Freshmen receive a lot of helpful information during their Freshman Seminar course.  How do you create a resume?  What resources are available at Stevenson?  What exactly is “academic integrity?”  In order to provide information in a relatable way, members of the SAIC help deliver presentations on academic integrity to Freshmen.  Students are encouraged to ask questions, analyze common integrity-related scenarios, and learn about resources available to them. 

  • Academic Integrity Week

    Academic Integrity Week

    Academic Integrity Week is a University-wide series of events in the fall that promote academic integrity as integral to the learning process.  The SAIC hosts a movie night and discusses how honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage play a role in the movie.  Workshops on time management and study skills are held in conjunction with The Academic Link. The SAIC also passes out free items like key chains or stress balls to provide students with a tangible reminder of integrity.

  • Citation Workshops

    Citation Workshops

    The Office of Academic Integrity and the Stevenson Library partner each semester to host a series of citation workshops the week before midterms.  Students are encouraged to come and hear an overview of citation, and ask assignment-related citation questions of the librarians. The Stevenson Library is an excellent resource for students, and faculty often offer extra credit to students who attend one of the workshops.


Honor Pledge

"I pledge on my honor that I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this assignment/exam."

The SU Honor Pledge is a unifying statement across all disciplines and fields of study. It represents Stevenson’s culture of integrity, one of the University’s four core values, and serves as a consistent reminder to students of the importance of academic integrity.
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