The main Mailroom is located on the lower level of the Rockland Center on the Owings Mills Campus. All deliveries are sent to this area to ensure continuity in the distribution of mail and packages. The Mailroom processes the mail to be distributed to individual student mailboxes located in the lobbies of each residence hall. Students can get their box number and combination from the Mailroom by emailing Ray Smith or visiting the mailroom and showing their student ID. They may pick up mail from their mailboxes at their convenience.

For any questions or comments, please contact the Mailroom at 443-352-4351.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

* Hours may differ during the summer months

Internal & External Package Delivery

Guidelines and Procedures

Package delivery on the both campuses is made to a designated department recipient each day of the week (excluding Saturday and Sunday). This “drop spot” coincides with the location of the daily mail backup.

  • All packages are now tracked using the SmartTrack system. Upon receipt, you will be asked to sign for the items. If the recipient is unavailable, then a location sticker will be scanned to create a time stamp for delivery purposes.
  • Please do not remove any packages from a loading dock before being processed by the mailroom. Early removal of packages will eliminate the tracking ability of the mailroom. The mailroom will not be responsible for any product removed before processing.

Bulk Interoffice Package Requests

  • Requests to distribute bulk packaging to the Stevenson community must be sent to the Mailroom Manager as soon as possible. Contact the mailroom at 443-352-4351.
  • A minimum 48 hour notice must be given for distribution to any location on either campus. Requests placed on Friday will be processed and distributed on Tuesday.


  • Packages require full identification of the recipient (see address formats for faculty & staff as well as address formats for students). Improper format will lead to delays in receipt of the ordered material.

Package Pickup

All Stevenson students are welcome to utilize the campus mail system. Resident students should address the packages using the proper address format. Commuter students may contact the mail room at 443-352-4351 to arrange for any package delivery and pickup.

All packages will be delivered to the Mailroom on the lower level of Rockland Center. Upon receipt, the package will be recorded and stored alphabetically in the Mailroom. An email will be sent to the student to notify him/her that the parcel is ready for pickup. Packages may be picked up at the Rockland Mailroom. A student ID is required.

Address Format


When giving out your University address for mail and ordering packages, please use the following format:

Student Name
Stevenson University #______
100 Campus Circle
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Please note the following:

  • Students can obtain their mailbox combination by going to the mailroom with your student ID or by emailing Ray Smith
  • Your box number is not your room number.
  • Building numbers serve as your address.
  • Any other address format may cause delays in the mail or possibly being returned.
Belfast Hall114 Campus Circle
Cromwell Hall120 Campus Circle
Dulaney Hall112 Campus Circle
Greenspring Hall110 Campus Circle
Herring Run Hall105 Campus Circle
Long Green Hall108 Campus Circle
Patapsco Hall104 Campus Circle
Shawan Hall116 Campus Circle
Susquehanna Hall106 Campus Circle
Wakefield Hall107 Campus Circle
Western Run Hall102 Campus Circle
Wooded Way101 Campus Circle
Worthington Hall118 Campus Circle

Faculty & Staff

When having any package or piece of mail sent to Stevenson University faculty or staff, please use the following format to expedite your mail service and packages. Speed in delivery may be increased with a campus-wide adoption of this address format.

Samples for the Owings Mills Campus

Dean Gamber
Mailroom/Materials Manager
Stevenson University
100 Campus Circle
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Jane Doe
Stevenson University
100 Campus Circle
Owings Mills, MD 21117
John Doe
School of Business & Leadership
Stevenson University
100 Campus Circle
Owings Mills, MD 21117
John Smith
Ratcliffe Community Center
Stevenson University
100 Campus Circle
Owings Mills, MD 21117

Please note that 100 Campus Circle includes numerous structures and requires a separate building name and number.

Samples for the Greenspring Campus

John Doe
College Store
Stevenson University
1525 Greenspring Valley Road
Stevenson, MD 21153
John Smith
Reception Office
Stevenson University
1525 Greenspring Valley Road
Stevenson, MD 21153
Jane Doe
Conference Services
Stevenson University
1525 Greenspring Valley Road
Stevenson, MD 21153
Jane Smith
Stevenson University
1525 Greenspring Valley Road
Stevenson, MD 21153

Interoffice Mail

Guidelines and Procedures

  • Interoffice mail is a campus correspondence from one campus department/address to another campus department/address.
  • Interoffice mail is distributed and collected daily by the courier using color coordinated pouches. Drop points for each department have been set up to enhance consistency in delivery.
  • Interoffice mail must be sent in reusable envelopes that have been clearly marked for a quick delivery.
  • Mail Routes have been established on both campuses to ensure consistency in delivery.

Bulk Interoffice Mail

  • Requests to distribute bulk interoffice mail should be sent to the Mailroom Manager as soon as possible. Contact the mailroom at 443-352-4351.
  • A minimum 24 hour notice must be given for distribution to departments. A minimum 48 hour notice must be given for distribution to the entire Stevenson community. Requests placed on Friday will be processed and distributed on Monday.
  • Bulk interoffice mail is defined as any mailing over 50 pieces. This includes postcards, magazines, advertisements, personal correspondence, etc.


  • Do not send cash or other valuables through interoffice mail.
  • Ensure that all personal correspondence is SEALED and the recipient is clearly identified.


  • All interoffice correspondence should include the following information about the recipient:
    • Full name
    • Department
    • Campus*
  • Any change in the location of an individual or department should be reported to the Mailroom Manager as soon as possible to continue uninterrupted service.
  • If the recipient of any package or piece of mail cannot be identified, it will be returned to the sender.

* Many departments have locations on the Greenspring Campus and the Owings Mills Campus. Proper identification of the campus will ensure successful and timely delivery.



  • The courier service provides departments with the means for an intercampus transfer of product and goods.
  • The courier system is open to the faculty and staff of Stevenson University.
  • The courier will transport non-mail items between campuses at the request of a member of the department.

Guidelines and Restrictions

  • Requests for courier service must be made 48 hours in advance of the expected delivery time.
  • Items to be transferred must be brought to the designated area of the loading dock in anticipation of delivery. The individual requesting use of the courier service is responsible for getting the product to the loading dock.
  • Service is restricted to manageable items, i.e., boxes, tubs, carts. Any items exceeding this must be transferred by Facilities under the policies and guidelines maintained by their department. Items that cannot be transferred using the courier service include furniture, outdoor equipment and fuel based items (lawn mowers).
  • Items for transfer must be brought to the loading dock before 11 a.m. on the day of delivery.
  • Please consult the Mailroom Manager at 443-352-4351 for any questions regarding the courier service.


  1. Contact the Mailroom to request courier service at 443-352-4351. Be sure to discuss where the product will be stored.
  2. Provide the Manager with a description of the request.
  3. Move the product to be transferred to the designated area of the dock before 11 a.m. of the delivery day.
  4. Clearly mark the product with the proper recipient information.
  5. Courier service will occur at 1 p.m. on the Stevenson campus and 2 p.m. on the Owings Mills campus.
  6. Items will be delivered before the end of the business day.

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Mailroom Staff

Our staff is dedicated to designing a mail service that exceeds the needs of the Stevenson community. Please be sure to contact any member of the Mailroom staff with questions or comments relating to the mail service. 

Ray Smith
Manager, Mailroom & Materials Management