Congratulations on Becoming a Mustang!

As a new student at Stevenson University, you’ll take part in The New Mustang Experience – an intentional, programmatic, effort designed to help you make a smooth transition to the Stevenson community. During this time, you’ll get the opportunity to meet new students, get to know your faculty and academic support resources, and learn more about being a Mustang.

Often, the transition to college can be an overwhelming one, coupled with so many new experiences (new faces, new freedoms, new schedule, new living environment, etc.) Our mission is to help all new SU students become acclimated to their new community and accomplish their academic and personal goals. With guidance from multiple offices around campus, we want to ensure that all new student experience a positive and productive first year.

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Office of Student Success


Garrison Hall South, First Floor
Owings Mills Campus (Map)

8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

New Student Checklist

Activate Your Stevenson Single Sign-On

Due ASAP after May 1

Your single sign-on (SSO) is your unique username and password that gives you access to all Stevenson systems and services. If you have trouble activating SSO, please contact the OIT HelpDesk at 443.334.3000.

For all of the following items, you’ll need access to your SSO. Detailed instructions and links for completing many of the items are available on the New Student Portal Page.


Complete Academic Requirements

Due by June 1

All new students need to complete REG_100 and SU’s Course Placement Assessments to be ready for course registration.


Submit AP/IB Scores & Dual Enrollment Transcripts

Due Prior to Course Registration

Any student who (1) took an AP/IB test and expects to receive college credit or (2) took college coursework during high school needs to submit official score reports and transcripts. Coursework listed on your high school transcript is not evaluated for credit.

Attend Your New Student Course Registration Day

Complete throughout June and July

After completing REG_100, new students will receive an email (to their SU email account) with specific instructions for course registration and advising.


Submit your Health Requirements

Due by July 1

It is important that we have certain information from you in order to provide appropriate health care when necessary, and to comply with Maryland state law. All new students need to complete the New Student Health Profile and MyStudentBody.


Submit your New Student Residential Profile

Due by July 1

The First Year Residential Profile is an important tool allows for Residence Life to pair you with a compatible roommate for the best fit!
All resident students must complete the student characteristics entry (even if you plan to request your roommate). Remember, your characteristics should be an honest assessment of who you are, not who you think you’d like to be.

Submit your Final Transcript

Due by July 15

Send your official copy of your final high school transcript (indicating graduation) to the Admissions Office.


Pay your Fall Semester Bill

Due by July 29

The bill and student account can be viewed through Student Finance on the Stevenson University website. Bills will also be mailed according to the schedule for the semester billing. See the Student Accounts page for specific information.


Move to Campus

Thursday, August 25

Move-in days are a festive and fun way to begin your SU living experience. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Housing assignments will be sent out to incoming students in mid-July and detailed move-in information will be sent to all students in early August.

Attend Orientation

August 25-28

New Student Orientation (NSO) aims to help new students get connected with each other and to the University through small group discussions, fun social events, and memorable educational sessions.

Don’t Forget!

Updating Emergency Contact Information

It is required that all students have emergency contact information on file. Updated contact information is submitted through Self-Service and should be reviewed regularly.

Federal Title IV Authorization

Students may complete the Federal Title IV Authorization Form found in WebXpress – choosing YES allows non-institutional charges (such as Wellness Center charges, accident insurance, parking fines, equipment fees, athletic fees, lost key fees, or other charges) to be paid by excess aid on the account.


Once a student has activated their Stevenson Single Sign-On, their SU email becomes the primary method of communication between the student and the university. Your Success Coach, Advisor, and Faculty will be sending important information to you throughout your time at SU and it’s important that you are checking your SU email regularly. Updates regarding course registration, orientation, and move-in will be communicated directly to students through their SU email account.

FERPA & Parent Proxy Access

What is FERPA?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children’s education records. These rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level. Students to whom the rights have transferred are “eligible students.” For Stevenson’s FERPA policy, see our FERPA policy page.

What this means – Students can choose to allow other people access to certain areas of their education record, otherwise known as “granting proxy access” (the person getting access is referred to as the “proxy”). Students usually grant this access to parents, guardians, or spouses. A student is also able to designate multiple proxies and to specify the type of access each proxy may have.

What happens when someone is given proxy access to a student record?

Once a student assigns proxy access, the proxy can see the specified information, and the University is authorized to speak regarding this information to the proxy. Please remember, the proxy access is determined by the student. For example, if the student gives proxy access only to Student Finance, then the proxy will not be able to view grades.

How can you give Parent Proxy Access?

Students will need to follow the steps below to grant Parent Proxy access:

  1. Sign into the student SUNOW portal (

  1. Choose Assign Proxy Access under the Self-Service Menu.

  1. Select a Proxy from drop down box choose a person.

  1. Select the permission for proxy user. Choose from Student Finance, Financial Aid, Academics or Notifications. To authorize parent ability to Make a Payment and/or view Account Activity you must choose Student Finance.

  1. Read & click the Disclosure Agreement and click SAVE.

  1. You may Add Another User to have proxy access. Please follow the detailed information prompts to add another user with proxy access to your selected student information.

*Note: Students will need to grant proxy access in order for parents/guardians to access Student Finance and make payment arrangements online.

New Mustang Peer Leaders

Summer Welcome Leaders

The Summer Welcome Leaders are a group of current Stevenson undergraduates who serve as orientation assistants for incoming students and tour guides for prospective students throughout the summer. They are successful students selected through a competitive process designed to find dynamic campus leaders with a collaborative spirit. Summer Welcome Leaders represent a wide variety of academic and extracurricular interests, but what brings them together is a desire to share their love for Stevenson with new Mustangs. They live and work together on campus from May through August and often cook each other dinner.

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OLs) are current students that will be your greatest resource and guide as we welcome you to campus in August. The OLs have been in your shoes and want to help make your transition to Stevenson fun, exciting, and memorable. Each new student will be assigned to an Orientation Leader before New Student Orientation begins.

Mustang Movers

Mustang Movers are current students (and sometimes staff and alumni) who volunteer to help welcome our new students into the residence halls and assist with the moving-in process. Mustang Movers are here to help move-in day feel smooth and easy!

Course Registration & Advising


REG_100: Introduction to University Registration and Resources provides an overview of academic services on campus and helps introduce you to different resources, policies, and support services available to you.

In order to complete REG_100: Introduction to University Registration and Resources you must first activate your Stevenson University Single Sign-On (SSO). Please note that it takes up to one week from the time you submit your enrollment deposit to activate your account and get access to REG_100. Once you’ve activated your SSO, follow the below steps to begin your online academic orientation:

  • Sign in to the SUNow Portal with your SU username and password (SSO).
  • On the right hand side of the SUNow Portal, under “Applications” click the link for “BlackBoard”.
  • Login to BlackBoard with your SSO.
  • Under “My Courses” click on the “REG_100″ course.

There are multiple modules that need to be complete before you will be able to register for courses. You need to complete each “Knowledge Check” with a score of 70% or higher for the next module to be available. A few days after you’ve completed REG_100, check your SU email for a certification of completion with follow up instructions regarding course registration, advising, and additional opportunities to connect with SU!

Placement Assessments

ALEKS Math Placement Assessment

  • Stevenson University requires an ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning (ALEKS PPL) Assessment to determine readiness for mathematics courses. ALEKS PPL is a web-based program that uses artificial intelligence to map a student’s strengths and weaknesses. The Placement Assessment is up to 30 questions and generally takes 60-90 minutes to complete. After the Placement Assessment, an individualized Prep and Learning Module is available for students to refresh their knowledge on forgotten or specific topics. Students then have the opportunity to reassess and improve their placement.
  • ALEKS consists of three parts:
    • An Initial Placement Assessment
    • The Prep and Learning Module, an individualized, self-paced online review
    • Access to 4 additional Placement Assessments

English Directed Self-Placement

  • All students, who did not have transfer credit for a College Writing course, will take a credit bearing first year writing course (either ENG-150 or ENG-151; Honors students will have the option of taking ENG-153: Honors Writing Seminar). English course placement will be determined through the use of a directed self-placement assessment designed by the SU English Department. Students cannot change their course selection after completion of the directed self-placement assessment.
  • The Directed Self-Placement Assessment is integrated into REG_100: Introduction to University Registration and Resources.

For more information on self-placement exams, please visit

Student Success Coaches

What Does a Success Coach Do?

  • Provide academic advising: Coaches advise students for registration for their freshman year and facilitate a seamless transition into their sophomore year. At this point, students transition to a faculty Academic Advisor within their major who will serve as their Academic Advisor until they graduate.
  • Develop a plan for success: Students and their Success Coaches meet regularly to set academic, personal, and professional goals with an emphasis on connecting students to Stevenson University and establishing a solid foundation students can build upon in the years to come.
  • Serve as a liaison between students and Stevenson University: Success Coaches refer students to appropriate campus resources, groups, and activities based on their individual needs.
  • Offer support: Coaches provide a friendly, supportive environment and address students individual needs and help them to overcome any obstacles preventing their success.

Meet Your Success Coach

New Student Course Registration Day

After completing REG_100, new students will receive an email (to their SU email account) with specific instructions for course registration and advising.

Incoming freshmen students will work with the Office of Student Success for course registration. For students entering in the fall semester, we will offer a variety of course registration options throughout June and July. Detailed information will be sent to incoming students after May 1.

For students entering in the spring semester, the Office of Student Success will begin reaching out to new freshmen students throughout November, December, and January as you submit your enrollment deposit.

Incoming transfer students will work with a faculty representative from their academic department for course registration after completing REG_100. Transfer students will have access to course registration starting mid to late November after they’ve completed REG_100.

Specific questions regarding course registration can be directed to .

International students with questions about course registration can find more information on our International Student Course Registration FAQ’s.

Sign-Up for Pre-Orientation

Cost of program covers meals, transportation, and activity fees. Please e-mail with any questions.

Register Now

Pre-Orientation Programs 2022

Optional for New Students
August 23-25, 2022

The goal of Pre-Orientation is to help students become familiar with campus and meet new friends before classes and New Student Orientation begins. Pre-Orientation programs help students bond over a common interest and have fun. Students who live on campus will have the opportunity to move in early. Students who are athletes, in marching band, Scholars Pre-Orientation, or any other programs that have activities August 22-24 will not be able to participate.

Pre-Orientation Programs 2022

Diversity & Inclusion Pre-O Program (DIPP) – $65

Come DIPP your toe in the water before the semester starts! Participating in our pre-orientation program is a great way to make like-minded friends before orientation and the semester even get started. We will explore topics of diversity and inclusion through cultural dining experiences and a closer look at Baltimore through a social justice lens. All this while making new friends, getting acquainted with campus, and meeting upperclassmen and staff that can enhance your transition to college. This Program will also include a trip to Hershey Park!

Fashion & Design – $30

Baltimore has served as home to companies like Under Armour, South Moon Under, Christopher Shaefer Clothing, Treason Toting Company, and more. Students will visit fashion retailers, meet store managers, and tour stores in distinct shopping areas. Students will be introduced to Baltimore neighborhoods and provided with resources for retail offerings. This Program will also include a trip to Hershey Park!

Mustang Adventures – $85

All new students (freshmen and transfers) are invited to participate in our Mustang Adventures program. This will allow new students to meet peers, get acquainted with campus, have some fun and make memories before New Student Orientation begins. Space is limited and sign up is first-come, first serve. The program typically includes trips to exciting places in the area such as the National Aquarium and Hershey Park.


Convocation marks the beginning of the academic year for all our new students. On August 25, soon after our Class of 2026 and new transfer students arrive on campus, they will be officially welcomed into the Stevenson community. Convocation is always a special and uplifting occasion. New students will receive a Stevenson University pin and will have the opportunity to pledge their commitment to upholding our Stevenson values.

New Student Move-In

We’re excited for you to join our residential community here at Stevenson!

Stevenson University move-in days are unlike any other! Our team of enthusiastic and helpful Mustang Movers (alumni, students, and staff volunteers) will be on hand here to help unload your car, move belongings up to your room, and give you a warm Mustang Welcome. Move-in days are a festive and fun way to begin your SU living experience. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Important dates to remember before move-in day:

  • Complete your roommate profile by July 1.
  • Housing assignments will be sent out to incoming students in mid-July and detailed move-in information will be sent to all students in early August.
  • As you prepare for moving into the residence halls, please be aware, that you may need to provide proof of a negative COVID-test as well as vaccine and booster documentation in order to move into the halls.

Move-in Dates for New Students:

  • Pre-orientation participants: Tuesday, August 23
  • General first year move in: Thursday, August 25

New Student Orientation

Required for New Students

New Student Orientation (NSO) will take place from August 25-August 28, 2022. Students will be assigned to a peer Orientation Leader and group based on their major and First Year Seminar class. The New Student Orientation program aims to help new students get connected with each other and to the University through small group discussions, fun social events, and memorable educational sessions. NSO helps students get acclimated to SU’s campus life and resources before classes begin in order to assist with a successful first year. 1-2 weeks prior to New Student Orientation, each new student will receive an e-mail indicating who their Orientation Leader is with additional information about the weekend. If you have any questions, feel free to email . We are so excited to welcome you to the Mustang family! Please save these important dates as attendance at NSO is expected.

View NSO Agenda & Calendar of Events

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