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Mount Clare Mansion, Carroll Park, Baltimore, Maryland. One of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in Baltimore.

Genotyping Chip (credit Maggie Bartlett, NHGRI )Last Thursday, Stevenson PHIST majors were given an opportunity that may come only once in a lifetime: an opportunity to document one of the most important scientific projects i.

The jet powered truck Shockwave tries out its propulsion system on the runway.A lot of students believe that history is boring and simply deals with stuff in the past.

102 years ago a sea battle took place that marked the beginning of modern naval warfare. Taking place in Hampton Roads near Norfolk, Virginia, the battle between the ironclad warships USS Monitor and CSS Virginia heralded a n.

Photo Courtesy of the National Museum of The Marine CorpsRepresentatives from Stevenson's Public History Program spent a memorable Saturday morning at the National Museum of the Marines Corps in Triangle, Virginia. Leaving ca.


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