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The Department of Film & Moving Image (FMI) kicked off the 2023-2024 Academic Year with a record-breaking incoming class. It seems that more and more students are choosing us to help prepare for a future career in any of .

You saw their posters, now see their movies. The 2021 FMI Senior Showcase takes place on Wednesday, May 12, at 7pm on our YouTube channel.

Once again, Stevenson FMI students, under the supervision of Professor Christopher Ernst, have produced a "Don’t Talk During the Movie" PSA for Baltimore's historic Senator Theatre, shooting in 4K and delivering a DCP for p.

Welcome back! Stay tuned for exciting information about what the Department of Film & Moving Image has planned for this year.

Click on the image, above, to check out our new PSA – again, airing before all movies at Baltimore's historic Senator Theatre – to replace the one that has been playing for the past year. Once more, it was made in a class.