Once again, Stevenson FMI students, under the supervision of Professor Christopher Ernst, have produced a “Don’t Talk During the Movie” PSA for Baltimore’s historic Senator Theatre, shooting in 4K and delivering a DCP for projection before all movies. We now have three in rotation, the first from 2015, the second from 2016, and now this. Go team! Want to watch it? Just click on the image, above, to be taken to our Vimeo site, or … you can go see it at the Senator …

Here are the credits:


  • Producers – Evan Bowen, Ariel Loewenthal
  • Director – Max Iacovelli
  • Assistant DirectorJosh Herrera
  • Cinematographer – Max Collins
  • 1st Assistant Camera – Lauren Scott
  • 2nd Assistant Camera – Mary Irina Bartholomew
  • Gaffer / Lighting – Jonathan Kuchinskas, Roderick Jones
  • Grips – Adam Michalak, Jessie Dubyoski
  • Sound Designer – Adrienne Civetti
  • Costume & Props Master – Ryan Scott
  • Scenic / Set Dresser Destani Gross, Brad Kinckner
  • Hair and Makeup – Caitlyn McElroy
  • Editor – Doug Rose
  • Music Supervisor – Adam Vaughn


  • Talking Man – Christopher Llewellyn Reed
  • Bad Dog – Lizzy
  • Annoyed Man – Brad Kinckner
  • Annoyed Woman – Destani Gross
  • Voice of Usher – Doug Rose