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There has never been a better time to live on campus at Stevenson.

Stevenson University is committed to helping students develop the skills they need to become successful: academically, professionally, and personally. Creating a welcoming, inclusive, positive living experience on campus is a big part of our commitment. All of our Residence Life & Housing staff understand the importance of a student’s living experience. Through our Residential Curriculum and Mustang Meet Ups we have listened to students feedback and made changes to make Stevenson University housing feel more like a second home. Additionally, we are very excited to welcome our students home in August. We encourage you to explore everything on-campus housing has to offer and enjoy the many benefits of living with us. If you have any questions about the housing selection process or living on-campus please contact us.


As of spring 2019, students, faculty, and staff can now enjoy Starbucks coffee in our newest space on campus, the Garrison Coffee House.
Housing Selection Guide
Housing Selection: Where Will You Live Next Year?
Whether you are returning to Stevenson as a rising sophomore, junior, senior, or transfer, we encourage you to consider Stevenson's on-campus housing. Through our housing process, you have the opportunity to select your roommates and your room.
View Housing Selection Handbook
Housing Selection Requirements

Housing Selection Requirements

  1. Attend an Info Session
  2. Submit Intent to Return Form
  3. Update Emergency Contact Form
  4. Pay Housing Deposit
  5. Submit Roommate Card
  6. Choose Your Housing on your assigned Housing Selection Night
  7. Sign and Submit Housing Contract

All Residence Life Housing Selection forms can be found on WebXpress under Residence Life: Housing Selection

Important Dates

Important Dates

Friday, February 1st

  • All Housing Selection Forms open on WebXpress

Monday, February 4th

  • Housing Information Session #1:6 p.m. in Rockland Banquet Room
  • Housing Information Session #2: 8 p.m. in Rockland Banquet Room

Thursday, February 7th

  • Housing Information Session #3: 9:30 p.m. in Rockland Banquet Room

Friday, March 1st

  • Intent to Return and Update Emergency Contact Form due
  • Housing Accommodation requests due to Disability Services

Wednesday, March 6th

  • Roommate Social at 9 p.m. in Ratcliffe Community Center

Monday, March 25th

Wednesday, April 3rd

  • Lottery Number and times sent to Stevenson email

Monday, April 8th

  • Housing Selection Night for rising seniors

Monday, April 15th

  • Housing Selection Night for rising juniors

Wednesday, April 17th

  • Housing Selection Night for rising sophomores

Monday, April 29th

  • Signed contracts due on WebXpress
Housing Options

Housing Options

Floor Plans



Upper Class Suite Housing - Single Rooms

Upper Class Suite Housing - Single Rooms

Upper Class Suite Housing - Double Rooms

Upper Class Suite Housing - Double Rooms

Upper Class Suite Housing - Wooded Way (Double Rooms)

Upper Class Suite Housing - Wooded Way (three double bedrooms)


Apartment Bedroom

Apartment Common Area

Upper Class Suite Bedroom

Upper Class Suite Common Area

Wooded Way Bedroom

Wooded Way Common Area

Housing FAQ

Housing FAQ

What is housing selection?

  • The housing selection process is the formal procedure to choose your housing assignment for the following academic year. At Stevenson University we allow our returning students to choose which building, floor, suite / apartment, and bedroom they would like to live in (based on space availability and completion of requirements).

Who participates in housing selection?

  • Any student, resident or commuter, who is returning to Stevenson University for the following academic year and looking to live on campus is eligible to participate in housing selection.

I’ve never been through housing selection. What do I need to know?

  • The housing selection process will begin on February 1st and end in late April. Information regarding housing selection will become available in early January. It is important to complete all requirements by the designated deadlines in the Returning Student Housing Selection Process book. All students are encouraged to attend one of the information sessions to learn the specifics of housing selection. Most importantly, if you have a question about the process or the requirements ask your Resident Assistant, Resident Director or stop by Residence Life & Housing in Ratcliffe.

How many credits do I need to take to keep my spot in housing?

  • All students are required to be registered full-time (12 credit hours per semester) with Stevenson University.

Is housing selection for the entire following academic year?

  • Yes. Students participating in housing selection are expected to live on-campus for the entire academic year unless graduating in December, studying abroad during a future semester, or no longer attending Stevenson University.

What if I am graduating in December?

  • Students expecting to graduate in December may go through the housing selection process and live on campus for the fall semester. During the fall semester the resident is expected to inform Residence Life & Housing of their intention to graduate by filling out the Request to Be Released from Housing form. Residence Life & Housing will confirm the graduation with the Registrar’s Office and then notify the resident of check out instructions.

If I am returning from a leave / hiatus where do I fall in the housing selection process?

  • Once readmitted to the university, please contact Residence Life & Housing.

Do I go through housing selection if I am applying to be a Resident Assistant?

  • Yes. All returning Resident Assistants and those applying to be a Resident Assistant are required to fill out the intent to return form and update their emergency contact. Resident Assistant employment decision letters should be available prior to the deadline for roommate cards and deposits. If you are not selected to be a Resident Assistant you will have time to submit your housing deposit and roommate card.

What if I can’t fill an entire suite / apartment?

  • Residence Life & Housing provides different opportunities to form complete roommate groups. If you are unable to fill an entire suite / apartment our office will assign your group a suite / apartment based on space availability and randomly assign a student to fill the vacancy.

If I am going through housing selection as single and random, or incomplete when will I receive my housing assignment?

  • Groups not choosing their housing assignment will be notified of their placement in late April after all selection nights have occurred.

What if I do not go through selection and then need housing?

  • Please contact Residence Life & Housing immediately. We want to ensure your Financial Aid and Student Accounts bill is correct. Students requesting housing after housing selection will be placed in vacancies based on space availability only.

Housing Selection Requirements Questions

Will I get a better lottery number if I submit all my requirements early?

  • No. In order to be fair for all groups lottery numbers are determined after the deadline for all requirements. It is highly encourage that you and everyone on your roommate agreement card submit all requirements early to ensure you receive a lottery number on time.

Where can I get additional information about the requirements?

  • Residence Life & Housing will host multiple information sessions for students. Attending one of the information sessions is required for all rising sophomore students and is greatly encouraged for all students as there have been many changes to the housing selection process. During this time Residence Life & Housing staff will walk you through the entire housing selection process and answer your questions.

Does the Intent to Return Form require me to live on campus?

  • No. This form allows our office to plan accordingly and ensure we can provide enough bed spaces for students requesting to live on campus.  

What if my Emergency Contact information has not changed?

  • No problem. You only need to click confirm to update the status date. If your emergency contact information has changed you can go in and edit and click confirm afterwards.

What is the housing deposit and how do I pay it?

  • The housing deposit is a $200 non-refundable payment to secure your spot in housing for the upcoming academic year. The housing deposit can be paid online or via cash or check. Failure to pay the deposit by the deadline will prevent you and your group from participating in housing selection and or from being placed in housing.

What if I deposit after the deadline?

  • Students will not be placed in housing until they pay the housing deposit. If you are part of a complete group your group will not be given a lottery number and your group will be placed by our office. In addition a random student may be placed in your intended bed space.

Are there any reasons I would not fill out an electronic Roommate Agreement Form?

  • Yes. The following groups of students will not fill out an electronic Roommate Agreement Form on Webxpress. Instead, they will be given a paper roommate agreement form with instructions to fill out and return: Resident Assistants hired for the following academic year and residents approved for a housing related medical accommodation for the following academic year.

What is the housing contract and when do I sign it?

  • The housing contract is a legally binding contract between the student and the university for the entire academic year. Students are encouraged to read the document thoroughly before signing and ask Residence Life & Housing any questions they may have. The contract can be found on WebXpress under Residence Life and Housing Selection. Additionally, the contract can be found on the Residence Life portal under Housing Contract or on the external Living on Campus site under Resources.

Can I cancel my housing contract?

  • If you need to cancel your housing, please submit a request to Residence Life & Housing using the Request to be released from Housing Contract form on the Residence Life portal under Housing Contract. Be aware that submitting a request is not an automatic approval. You will be notified via email once a decision is made. Please see the Returner Student Housing Selection Process book for specific cancellation dates.

Roommates Questions

How do I find roommates?

  • Stevenson University offers multiple ways to meet roommates: 1) Roommate Social; 2) Roommate Ad Binder; 3) Incomplete Group Search on WebXpress

How many people can I add to my roommate agreement card?

  • When filling out your roommate card it is first important to determine where you preference to live. In the apartments you can have up to 4 students on your roommate card (complete group). In Wooded Way you can have up to 6 people on your roommate card (complete group). In Wakefield and Herring Run you can have anywhere from 2-4 people on your roommate card depending on your preference. Students requesting a single in these buildings can live with another person who is requesting a single in the other bedroom (2 people on the card) or you can live with 2 people in the other bedroom (3 people on a card) or you can live in 2 doubles with 2 people in each bedroom (4 people on a card).

How do I remove someone from my card?

  • The roommate card is open and can be edited through the designated dates in the Returning Housing Selection Process book. Anyone with a pending status on the roommate card (meaning they did not accept or decline the invitation) can be removed by anyone on the card. Once a student accepts the invitation they cannot be removed by any member. To be removed that person must go in and change their status to decline. Please note, with any change on the card an email is sent to everyone listed with the change.

Can I leave a roommate card?

  • Yes. Please access your roommate card on WebXpress and change your status from accept to decline. You cannot be added to another roommate card until you officially leave your original roommate card.

How does it work if I want to live with someone with a lower or higher class year than me?

  • As a returning student you have the option to live with whomever you desire. However, housing areas are restrictive to certain classes. For example, only rising juniors and seniors are eligible for the apartments. If you are a rising junior and want to live with a rising sophomore you would need to preference and select an upper class suite.

What if I want to live with an incoming student?

  • All incoming first year students are required to live in the first year area. If you are requesting to live with an incoming transfer student who has already been accepted and deposited to the university by the returning housing selection deposit deadline please contact Residence Life & Housing.

Housing Options Questions

What residence halls are available at Stevenson University?

  • Stevenson University offers two distinct residential areas for upper class students:

Upper Class Suites
Wakefield Hall (107)
Herring Run Hall (105)
Wooded Way Hall (101)

Apartment Complex (junior and senior eligible only based on space availability)
Long Green Hall (108)
Greenspring Hall (110)
Dulaney Hall (112)
Belfast Hall (114)
Shawan Hall (116)
Worthington Hall (118)
Cromwell Hall (120)

Please visit the Building Layout page to see floor plans and images of each hall.

What if I want to see what the rooms in other halls look like?

  • The residence life portal offers photos and floor plans of each building. In additional there are photos of each building available on the housing selection website under Building Layouts. If you would like to personally see a building please contact Residence Life & Housing to arrange a tour.

Will my financial aid package be affected by the housing option I select?

  • Students are packaged through Financial Aid based on their residency status with the university. The package is not based on your selected housing option. Specific questions regarding your financial aid package and whether it will fully cover your preferred housing option can be directed to Financial Aid.

I am a rising sophomore where can I live

  • Rising sophomores are eligible to live in any of the three Upperclass suites: Wakefield Hall, Herring Run Hall or Wooded Way Hall.

I am a rising junior where can I live?

  • Rising juniors are eligible to live in the apartments or Upperclass suites. All housing options are based on space availability only.

I am a rising senior where can I live?

  • Rising seniors are eligible to live in the apartments or Upperclass suites. All housing options are based on space availability only.

Are gender-inclusive options available?

  • Please contact Residence Life & Housing with questions regarding gender-inclusive housing options.

Based on a disability, I have concerns about where I will live. How do I get a disability related accommodation?

  • All disability related accommodation questions can be direct to the Office of Disability Services. Students should contact Disability Services as early as possible initiate the intake and eligibility process. Disability Services will contact Residence Life & Housing if an accommodation is approved. Accommodation placement is based on space availability.

I currently have a disability related housing accommodation. Do I need to do anything to keep it for next year?

  • Yes. In January Disability Services will contact you to pick up your housing related accommodation renew paperwork. This paperwork will inform you of your new approved accommodation for the following academic year. You will be required to sign and return the paperwork by the designated date on the form. Failure to return your form will result in your accommodation being met if space is available.

I have a disability related housing accommodation. Will I still be able to live with my friends?

  • Yes. Students with current housing related accommodations will receive a paper roommate agreement card in their renew packet. You are required to return your paper roommate agreement card by the deadline stated in your renew packet. Students approved for a housing related accommodation after the housing selection process started will be placed with their friends based on space availability.

Can I preference a single room?

  • A limited number of singles will be available in Wakefield and Herring Run only. On your roommate agreement card please preference your housing option. After the roommate agreement card submission deadline we will review the number of single room requests and contact you with any updates.

Is there an opportunity to change rooms after I have been assigned a space?

  • No. Once you go through selection and choose your space or have been assigned a space you cannot change it until Move Week of the upcoming semester.

Housing Selection Night Questions

How do I know which Housing Selection Night to attend?

  • If you are in a complete group and everyone in your group completed all requirements you will receive an email, to your Stevenson email, in early April with your housing selection night, time, and lottery number.

How are the housing selection nights assigned?

  • Housing selection nights are determined by looking at all group members current class year. You will be assigned the selection night of the lowest class year of your group. If you believe you were assigned the wrong selection night please contact Residence Life & Housing as soon as you receive your date and time

How does my current class year reflect my lottery number? Does a better GPA mean a better lottery number?

  • The lottery numbers are divided by class status. These statuses are determined by your current start term. Your current start term will categorize you into three statuses: rising senior, rising junior, and rising sophomore. Once your group is assigned a status, the lottery numbers are assigned at random. Higher GPAs are not reflective of better lottery numbers.

Who receives a priority lottery number?

  • No one. Lottery numbers are randomly assigned after the deadline of all requirements to ensure all groups have an equal chance of selecting their preferred housing option.

If my intended roommate (or suite / apartment mate) has a better lottery number than I do, do I need to contact anyone?

  • Yes! Everyone listed on your roommate agreement card should have the same assigned housing selection night, time and lottery number. Please contact Residence Life & Housing if there is a discrepancy.

If I have lottery number 15 on selection night 2 does that mean I am the 15th group to choose overall?

  • No, lottery numbers are specific to your assigned selection night. In this example, you would be the 15th group to choose on that night.

What do I need to bring to housing selection?

  • We ask that you only send one (1) representative from your group to the Ratcliffe Community Center on your assigned day and time. Your group representative must come prepared with: 1) an idea of what buildings and bedrooms you and your group would like to live in; 2) Student information for everyone in your group

What if I can’t come to housing selection on the set date for my selection?

  • Our hope is because you are only sending one representative a member of your group will be available. Please start discussing who will be your representative as soon as you receive your lottery information email. If no one in your group can attend your selection date and time please contact Residence Life & Housing as soon as you receive your lottery information email. Students should not miss class to attending housing selection.

What happens if no one in my group shows up on our assigned housing selection night?

  • Failure to attend your assigned housing selection night and time will result in your group being placed in housing after everyone assigned to that night has chosen housing. This may result in your group being split up based on space availability.

Study Abroad Questions

How does housing selection work if I am currently abroad but will be returning to housing in the fall?

  • Since our housing selection process is completed electronically on WebXpress students currently abroad can still fulfill all requirements and go through the process. If you have any issues accessing the WebXpress forms please contact Residence Life & Housing.

How do room assignments work if I am planning on studying abroad in the fall?

  • If you are confirmed studying abroad during the fall semester, you will not participate in housing selection. If you are unsure whether you will study abroad you may go through the housing selection process and then submit a request to be released from housing form once confirmed. Please note, we do not hold bed spaces. Your current bed space may be reassigned to another student. If you are returning to housing in the spring semester please contact Residence Life & Housing in October / November to reserve a bed space.

Meal Plan Questions

How do I choose a meal plan?

  • All students will select their meal plan when they sign their housing contract on WebXpress. The housing contract will show you meal plan options that you are eligible for based on your class year and housing placement.
  • All students living in the suites must participate in the A block plan during their first through fourth semesters at Stevenson University. After the four semester, students can choose either the A or B block plan.
  • All students residing in the apartments are required to participate in either the A or B block plan during their first and second semester at the university. Students in their third and fourth semesters at Stevenson can choose either the A, B or C block plan. After the fourth semester, participation in a meal plan is optional for students living in the apartments.

If I am a transfer do I need to participate in a meal plan?

  • All transfer students are required to participate in a meal plan during their first and second semesters. Students living in the apartments must choose either the A or B block plan. Students living in the suites must purchase the A block plan.
  • Beginning with their third semester at the university, transfer students who joined the college as a junior and live in an apartment will not be required to purchase a meal plan. Students living in a suite must purchase a meal plan and may choose from the A or B block plan.
  • If you believe you are eligible for a meal plan not shown on your contract please contact Residence Life & Housing.

Where can I learn more about dining services?

Living Off Campus Questions

I’m a returning student who wants to live off campus. Do I still participate in housing selection?

  • No. Current residents who do not intend to live on campus for the following academic year will not go through the housing selection process.

I already paid my housing deposit but no longer wish to live on campus. Can I get a refund?

  • The housing deposit is non-refundable.

What if I am a current commuter and want to move back on campus?

  • The housing selection process is inclusive to both residents and commuters. We encourage commuters to go through the housing selection process with their friends. The only difference is commuters will fill out the Commuter to Resident Request form on WebXpress under Residence Life and Housing Selection instead of the Intent to Return Form. Commuters are then expected to complete all other housing selection requirements.

Is there help for finding off campus housing?

  • Stevenson University does not have a designated Off Campus housing department.

Does moving off campus affect my financial aid?

  • Students considering moving off campus should contact Financial Aid first to learn how their change of residency may impact their Financial Aid.

If I don’t live on campus for 2019-2020, can I live on campus for 2020-2021?

  • Yes! All students regardless of residency status are welcomed to participate in housing selection.
What to Bring and Prohibited Items

What to Bring and Prohibited Items

What to Bring

All Residence Halls

Students living in the residence halls (either the suites or apartments) should bring the following:

  • Sheets & linens (extra-long size)
  • Pillows
  • Hangers
  • Towels
  • Clothes
  • Laundry basket
  • Computer
  • Television
  • Telephone
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Trash can
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Thermometer
  • OTC pain reliever (acetaminophen/ibuprofen)
  • Kleenex
  • Cough medicine
  • Cough drops
  • Decongestant

Students currently taking prescribed medications should have a conversation with their family and doctor about how they will continue to receive these medicines once living on campus. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Stevenson Wellness Center at 443-352-4200 for more information

Additional Items for Apartments

In addition to the items listed above, those students living in the apartments should also bring:

  • Dishes/cups/pots & pans
  • Eating utensils
  • Shower curtain & rings
  • Coffee maker (permitted only if equipped with an automatic shut-off mechanism)

Prohibited Items

All Residence Halls

The following items are prohibited in all student residence halls:

  • Pets
  • Waterbeds
  • Refrigerators or mini-fridges
  • Bars
  • Lofts
  • Weapons (even if you have a permit)
  • Knives beyond 3" blade
  • Martial arts weaponry
  • Rifles
  • Sabers
  • Explosives/fireworks/firecrackers
  • Individual air conditioning units
  • Gas or charcoal grills
  • Personal space heaters
  • Pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Amplifiers or microphones
  • Halogen lamps/ultraviolet/infrared lamps
  • Ping pong tables, pool tables or air hockey tables
  • Dart boards
  • Distillery
  • Natural Christmas trees
  • Candles/incense
  • Street signs or other public signs
  • Electric blankets
  • Irons/Coffee pots/Curling irons without auto shut-offs
  • Weightlifting equipment
  • Bed risers (cinder blocks, bunking blocks, etc.)
  • Personal door locks
  • Wall-mounted shelving, furniture, or fixtures

Additional Items for Suite-Style Housing

In addition to the items listed above, the following items are prohibited in the suite-style housing:

  • George Foreman or other brand personal grills
  • Hot pots
  • Toasters
  • Microwaves
  • Electric burners
  • Other small cooking appliances (including, but not limited to sandwich makers, griddles, waffle makers, etc.)

Why Live on Campus?

Why drive to class when you can walk?
There is no easier way to meet friends than living on campus.
The residence halls are secured and monitored 24/7.
There are designated resident parking lots near your building.
Includes: fast internet connection, fitness centers, laundry services, lounges and more!
One-on-One Attention
The Residential Curriculum allows for students to interact one-on-one with Resident Assistants and professional staff members.
Hassle-Free Living
Everything is included: no paying monthly bills or hiring maintenance contractors.
You can easily get into Baltimore with a quick shuttle ride from campus to the metro and there is lots of shopping within minutes of campus.
Better Grades
Studies have shown students who live on campus get better grades, and are more likely to graduate in 4 years.
Time Management
It’s easier to complete everything when you live within minutes of the Academic Link, the gym, classrooms, and athletic facilities.
Dining on Campus
On Campus Dining Options
Finding your favorite foods on campus is easy. We are proud to offer a dining program complete with signature brands and menu selections that include just about every item you can imagine. Just feast your eyes on what we have available! Featuring a wide variety of fresh food designed to satisfy everyone's appetite with food choices to rival your favorite restaurants.
Dining Services
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