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Over the weekend, 33 Stevenson students, alumni, SU siblings, and friends collaborated online to create seven new, playable games as part of Global Game Jam 2021. The games debuted Sunday, January 31 at the virtual game showc.

Did you know that the English department offers a course that gets you a job as a writing tutor? .

Senior Ryder Bott is interning at XMedius Solutions, a software company based in Montreal, Quebec that specializes in secure data delivery and Voice Technologies. Since the company is based in Canada, Ryder works remotely, ge.

Every Stevenson University student is required to complete at least one internship before they graduate. We have six English majors interning this semester.

Like a lot of my peers, I wasn’t sure what Global Game Jam (GGJ) was either. It wasn’t until I started working in the English Department that I learned about the event and turns out, it’s pretty cool.


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