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On April 21, 2023, seven interns from Stevenson University were accompanied by Danielle Newill (Coordinator, Education Placements & Partnerships) and Dr. Jesse Schneiderman (Assistant Professor of Education) as they atten.

Eight interns from Stevenson University have been named as Maryland’s Teachers of Promise for 2021: Savannah Maisel, Imani Kassembe, Natalie Peckham, Shannon Spencer, Aidan Riordon, Maddie Lentino, Olivia Lewis, and Leanne .

On May 8, senior interns and teacher candidates in the School of Education shared products from their work with peers, faculty, and the Stevenson University community at the annual Student Showcase.Interns presented posters d.

Eight interns from Stevenson University have been named as 2019 Maryland Teachers of Promise. These teacher candidates have been identified as among the most promising and gifted pre-service educators who plan to teach in Mar.

At Carrolltowne Elementary School, parents and their children were led on a virtual tour of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.


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