Chemistry and Biochemistry News

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The American Chemical Society Club hosted its Annual Chemistry Magic Show, this time in our new building in one of our Chemistry Demonstration Rooms! This exciting fall event shows the fun and interesting experiments students.

Congratulations to graduating biochemistry major Chris Toth on receiving the Chemistry Department’s Service Award at the May Celebration! Chris was recognized for his dedication to participating in department events, especi.

Alicia Greene was recognized at the May Celebration for obtaining the highest GPA of all graduating chemistry and biochemistry seniors. Dr.

Warmest wishes to our two Graduate Assistants, Shelby Litz (left) and Andrew McGregor (right), who completed a year as a graduate assistants in the School of the Sciences. Both Shelby and Andrew were in the BS (Chemistry)/ MS.

Congratulations to biochemistry senior, Kayla Bell, on accepting a job offer at Pharmaceutical International, Incorporated, Pii. Special thanks to chemistry faculty member, Dr.


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