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Biochemistry major Aanchal Deol is completing her intership at JVS Rehabilitation as a Physical Therapy Technician who helps with basic exercises, heat, ice, and electrical-stimulation set up. She is learning about all aspec.

One of the consequences of Covid are that many of the in-person chemistry conferences have been cancelled or moved online. This turns into a positive when the organizers decide to grant free access to full time students.

Freshman chemistry and biochemistry majors served during Mustangs Make a Difference Day as part of their first year seminar course. The students spread awareness and signed up prospective donors to the national bone marrow re.

Students and faculty traveled to Orlando Florida for the Spring 2019 National Meeting and Expo of the American Chemical Society. There, senior biochemistry major Kendall Quirk presented her work on the molecular modeling of p.

Senior biochem major Sehlah Butt spent her senior capstone last summer working in a Pakistani hospital. In an SOS STEMinar last week, she shared her experiences with faculty and fellow students and presented the direction she.


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