Biochemistry major Aanchal Deol is completing her intership at JVS Rehabilitation as a Physical Therapy Technician who helps with basic exercises, heat, ice, and electrical-stimulation set up. She is learning about all aspects of a Physical Therapy office including the front-desk and customer service side by also answering the phone, scheduling patients, and verifying insurance information. One thing that Aanchal was surprised to learn about was all the precautions physical therapists take to avoid lawsuits and the scope of what Physical Therapy Assistants and Technicians can and cannot do. For example, she isn’t permitted to do something as simple as walk a patient to their car after dark. This is because if they fall, the Physical Therapy techs are not certified to handle that situation. She has valued the whole experience as allowing her to see another aspect of healthcare, and it has shown her that she prefers an office setting to a hospital setting.