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For her Capstone internship, biochemistry senior, Fya Powell, shadowed an anesthesiologist on the neurosurgery unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She observed lots of surgeries and learned so much about medicine.

Biochemistry junior, Zoe Singman, completed a research experience with SU faculty member, Dr. Rivka Glaser, in the fall, studying the attitudes of people with neurofibromatosis towards facial transplants.

Biochemistry senior, Prince Gyamfi, completed his Capstone internship at Spine and Joint Center of the Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC). His career goal is to become a physician.

Chemistry junior Corinna Carter and Chemistry seniors, Ryan Drazenovic and Heather Drake, did research with Dr. Timothy Dwyer over the summer and fall looking at how to use RNA as a pharmaceutical tool and how inhibitors of m.

Chemistry senior, Heather Drake, completed her Capstone Internship at Taylor Technologies in Sparks, Maryland, under the mentorship of Becki Shook and Janine Ladzinski, both SU Alumni (BS, CHEM '10). Everyone was excited to s.


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