Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate

Advanced Placement Courses

Have you taken any Advanced Placement (AP) courses? If so, you can earn college credit at
Stevenson in multiple subjects. By earning credit for your AP courses, you will begin your
college career at a level that matches your skills and preparation. Use the table below to find out
whether your AP scores qualify for credit at Stevenson University. These scores are effective for
students entering in January 2023.

AP ExamScoreCreditsEquivalent SU Course
Art History3,4,53ART 106
Studio Art: Drawing3,4,53ART 116
Studio Art: 2 D Design3,4,53ART 110 or PHOTO 141 based on consultation with the department chair.
Studio Art: 3 D Design3,4,53ART 113
Music Theory3,4,53Fulfills Fine Arts Requirement
English Language & Composition3,4,53ENG 151
English Literature & Composition3,4,53ENG 152
AP Research3,4,53General Elective
AP Seminar3,4,53INDSC 199
Geography3,4,53GEO 112
Government & Politics-US3,4,53POSCI 102
Government & Politics-Comparative3,4,53POSCI 199
Macroeconomics3,4,53EC 201
Microeconomics3,4,53EC 202
AP European History3,43HIST 211
AP European History56History Elective
History – US3,43HIST 109 or HIST 110
History – US56HIST 109 and HIST 110
History – World3,43HIST 105 or HIST-106
History – World56HIST 105 and HIST 106
Psychology3,4,53PSY 101
Calculus AB34MATH 147
Calculus AB4,54MATH 220
Calculus BC34MATH 220
Calculus BC4,58MATH 220 and MATH 221
Computer Science – A3,4,53IS Elective
Computer Science Principles3,4,53IS Elective
Statistics3,4,54MATH 136
Biology34BIO 104
Biology4,58BIO 113, BIO 113L, BIO 115 and BIO 115L
Chemistry33CHEM 199
Chemistry4,58CHEM 115/115L and CHEM 116/116L
Environmental Science33ENV 150
Environmental Science4,53ENV 275
AP Physics 1: Algebra Based33PHYS 198
AP Physics 1: Algebra Based4,54PHYS 210
AP Physics 2: Algebra Based33PHYS 199
AP Physics 2: Algebra Based4,54PHYS 211
AP Physics C: Mechanics33PHYS 198
AP Physics C: Mechanics4,54PHYS 215
AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism33PHYS 199
AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism4,54PHYS 216
Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, or Latin Language and Culture33FL 102
Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, or Latin Language and Culture43FL 201
Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, or Latin Language and Culture56FL 201 and FL 202
French Language and Culture34FR 102
French Language and Culture43FR 201
French Language and Culture56FR 201 and FR 202
Spanish Language and Culture34SPN 102
Spanish Language and Culture43SPN 201
Spanish Language and Culture56SPN 201 and SPN 202

International Baccalaureate Courses

Stevenson University values the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and awards credits based on grades in individual standard and higher level subject examinations as outlined in the table below. Students who have earned an IB diploma will be granted sophomore status and awarded 30 credits that will be applied toward degree requirements as outlined in the table below. Credit cannot be awarded for scores at both the standard and higher level of the same subject or for IB and AP scores for the same subject.

View IB Credit and Course Equivalencies