Chelsey Eggleston

Do you believe in Magic? Not the type of magic where rabbits are pulled out of hats or coins that are magically pulled from behind your ear; but the magic that happens twice a year (February and August) in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s Magic Market Week, the largest global market for men’s and women’s apparel/footwear, where fashion designers, manufacturers and buyers go to buy and sell the latest fashion products. This semester eight lucky Stevenson fashion students attended this amazing event. Emily Haas, a senior fashion merchandising student was one of the students, and it was actually her second time attending. I caught up with Emily to ask her a couple questions about her experience at Magic Market Week.

How was your experience at Magic Market Week?

I had a very good time at Magic. I was able to do a lot of networking with people who are in the industry, and I learned about their day to day life as a fashion professional.

What did you learn?

So many people gave us career advice and resume tips. I learned how important it is to network and market yourself in this industry. The people who were working at the show were so friendly and open to us as students and talked a lot about their brand, their career path, and their experiences thus far. We attended trend seminars where we learned about upcoming trends for the fall. We also learned about sustainability and some companies that are paving the way for sustainable fashion such as Futuremade and Indigenous. The seminars were very informative and interesting.

How will this prepare you for a career in fashion?

This was actually my second opportunity to attend MAGIC. I am very grateful for the opportunity, because I can now say that I have experience at the largest trade show in the country. I understand how it works, what the booths look like, and how the buyers and sellers interact. I also think the networking that I was able to do is invaluable. This experience could potentially jump start my career based on the people I met.