Meet the Dean


Dean, Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences

Thank you for your interest in the Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences at Stevenson University. We offer a variety of programs, all of which prepare students with the discipline knowledge, critical thinking and interpersonal skills, and professional experience to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In our programs, you will engage in hands-on, inquiry-based learning at all levels of the curriculum. You will work in teams to solve problems, design and conduct experiments, and analyze data and information. Through independent research experiences, you will develop strong critical thinking skills and the ability to think and work across disciplines. You will also gain practical knowledge and professional connections in your chosen career path through participation in our research and internship capstone experiences.

Our students develop close mentoring relationships with the faculty through independent research experiences, personalized advising, and extracurricular activities. We are dedicated to creating an engaging, supportive environment where you can explore, develop, and succeed in achieving your academic and career goals. As a result, graduates from the Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences are uniquely prepared personally and professionally for success in their chosen fields.

We welcome you to explore the sciences and mathematics at Stevenson University, and look forward to seeing you on campus!

Merrie Durmowicz, Ph.D.
Dean, Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences


“There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the Fine School of the Sciences. Our majors combine scientific and mathematical theory with real world experiences- internships and mentored research opportunities- to prepare our students for employment and for entry into graduate and professional schools. Our dedicated faculty are committed to working with each of our students to ensure their success.”