Sports director at WBAL-TV and voice of the Baltimore Ravens, Gerry Sandusky visited Professor Kimberly Burns MGT 210: Business Writing class on Tuesday, April18th. Gerry’s charisma shined immediately after showing a live demonstration on how to command a room while public speaking. Gerry noted that people only have about ten seconds to make an impression on their audience. With that, Gerry emphasized that having a good posture, strong voice, and bright smile could capture the classroom’s attention in a short period of time.

Gerry shared the words of wisdom that he received after graduating college that led him to pursue broadcast journalism. He remembers being asked, “If you could do anything and you couldn’t fail, success guaranteed, what would you do?” This advice led Gerry to find his first internship in broadcasting. This story was shared to inspire students to have the confidence to find a vision and to own their dreams. Gerry encouraged class participation and gave students the floor to share their career aspirations. He asked students to state their goals out loud one by one to start the process of making their dreams a reality.

Gerry walked students through how to navigate the changes that may arise in their career journeys. When approaching change, he wants students to be proactive instead of reactive. Gerry says by identifying a vision, accepting it, and taking relevant action, integrating any changes into one’s life will become easier to manage. Nearing the end of class, Gerry engaged in a Q&A session. Students learned techniques to de-stress and heard his opinion about Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens. The Mustangs truly appreciate all of the knowledge they acquired from the dynamic Gerry Sandusky.