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Students in this semester’s MKT 320 Advanced Digital Marketing course are experiencing what it is like to work on a real world Digital Marketing Team. The 16 student class is divided into teams of 4 students each working on a different blog. Each team has a Team Leader, SEO & Analytics Manager, Website & Design Manager, and a Social Media and Email Marketing Manager.

Each role has a specific set of duties, tasks, and deliverables. Every two weeks the Teams present their progress and then the roles rotate so that each team member gets to experience each role.

Towards the end of the semester, each Team will apply for a Google Adsense account which would allow them to monetize their blog. Adsense qualifications include quality content, relevant information, niche content, and a regular content update schedule.

The Teams are:

NBA 2K24: My Player Mode

  • Corey Jones-Pentz
  • Anthony Russo
  • Ryan Thenell
  • Taylor Towns

The Book or the Movie?

  • Sofia Smith
  • Blake Woodward
  • Natalia Santiago-Colon
  • Michael Crespo

Bean Buzz: Maryland’s Top Coffee Shop Ratings

  • Emily Lizama
  • Anjoli O’Brien
  • Kait Bushnell
  • Morgan Thompson

Trails & Tribulations: Mid-Atlantic Hiking

  • Jessica Oberer
  • Raven Haller
  • Jenny Fletcher
  • LJ McGurk

Please check out their blogs and leave a comment or two of encouragement!

Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society was created to acknowledge the high academic accomplishments of students immersed in the study of business, management, and/or administration. This organization honors those students that rank in the top twenty percent of their junior, senior, or graduate class. Once initiated, the student will be considered a lifetime member of Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society. The Stevenson University chapter of Sigma Beta Delta hosted their induction ceremony for their 2023 initiates on May 1, 2023.

Sports director at WBAL-TV and voice of the Baltimore Ravens, Gerry Sandusky visited Professor Kimberly Burns MGT 210: Business Writing class on Tuesday, April18th. Gerry’s charisma shined immediately after showing a live demonstration on how to command a room while public speaking. Gerry noted that people only have about ten seconds to make an impression on their audience. With that, Gerry emphasized that having a good posture, strong voice, and bright smile could capture the classroom’s attention in a short period of time.

Gerry shared the words of wisdom that he received after graduating college that led him to pursue broadcast journalism. He remembers being asked, “If you could do anything and you couldn’t fail, success guaranteed, what would you do?” This advice led Gerry to find his first internship in broadcasting. This story was shared to inspire students to have the confidence to find a vision and to own their dreams. Gerry encouraged class participation and gave students the floor to share their career aspirations. He asked students to state their goals out loud one by one to start the process of making their dreams a reality.

Gerry walked students through how to navigate the changes that may arise in their career journeys. When approaching change, he wants students to be proactive instead of reactive. Gerry says by identifying a vision, accepting it, and taking relevant action, integrating any changes into one’s life will become easier to manage. Nearing the end of class, Gerry engaged in a Q&A session. Students learned techniques to de-stress and heard his opinion about Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens. The Mustangs truly appreciate all of the knowledge they acquired from the dynamic Gerry Sandusky.

On Friday, April 28th the Fashion and Apparel Design Club hosted their 6th annual Brunch with Bosses event. Fashion merchandising and design students were invited to learn from and connect with industry professionals at the “Tour De Brunch” themed brunch. There were six “bosses” in attendance: Erin Boggs (Under Armour/ SU Alum), Mary Kate Gagliardi (Patagonia/ SU Alum), Aaron Hernandez(Christopher Schaefer Clothier/ SU Alum), Finn Reyes (Ralph Lauren/ SU Alum), Michelle Shawyer (Wee Chic and Girl Hero) and Kaitlyn Weekman (Lilly Pulitzer). During the insightful panel discussion, they shared details about career journeys and gave advice on how to stand out to employers during the job application process. The major takeaways were to have a strong portfolio, make connections, and find a niche within the industry.

Students were dressed for success in their professional attire and had their resumes ready for the networking brunch. Attendees spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other personally while enjoying a delicious meal catered by Terri’s Café. Senior, Fashion Merchandising major, Kaiyanna Fleming networked with the panelists that were Stevenson alum and received tips and tricks for landing a position after graduation. Students are eager about the next Brunch with Bosses event.

Dr. Miller’s MKT 311 Consumer Behavior classes took strides to improve society through exciting service projects this semester. Students worked in groups to formulate marketing plans for two clients from the Greater Baltimore Medical Center Healthcare (GBMC)and Maryland SPCA (MDSPCA).

Ariana Haywood, RN at GMBC and Melissa Welsh, Community Partners Manager of the MDSPCA visited the classes to provide insight into certain needs SU students could support within their organizations. From there, students divided into two groups and focused on what they could do to address the specific needs that were shared.

Experiential learning is a major component of this marketing course. The application of coursework within this project has given students valuable hands-on experiences. After each group of students determined their goals for the service project, it was up to them to identify a target market and to create marketing tactics that will help them accomplish those goals. Last semester, students made creative social media posts, compelling digital content, and online fundraising platforms like GoFundMe. This allowed them to reach audiences that were willing to make donations .Approximately 1500 donations were made to the MDSPCA and GBMC.

Throughout the month of April, students set up donation boxes and hung promotional flyers around campus. Items such as dog and cat food, towels, food bowls, and toys for the MDSPCA and grab-n-go food items for the GBMC were collected. Support from all students and faculty for future service projects is appreciated. We are proud of our Mustangs’ dedication and enthusiasm to give back to their community, and we commend them for making a difference!


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