Dr. Miller’s MKT 311 Consumer Behavior classes took strides to improve society through exciting service projects this semester. Students worked in groups to formulate marketing plans for two clients from the Greater Baltimore Medical Center Healthcare (GBMC)and Maryland SPCA (MDSPCA).

Ariana Haywood, RN at GMBC and Melissa Welsh, Community Partners Manager of the MDSPCA visited the classes to provide insight into certain needs SU students could support within their organizations. From there, students divided into two groups and focused on what they could do to address the specific needs that were shared.

Experiential learning is a major component of this marketing course. The application of coursework within this project has given students valuable hands-on experiences. After each group of students determined their goals for the service project, it was up to them to identify a target market and to create marketing tactics that will help them accomplish those goals. Last semester, students made creative social media posts, compelling digital content, and online fundraising platforms like GoFundMe. This allowed them to reach audiences that were willing to make donations .Approximately 1500 donations were made to the MDSPCA and GBMC.

Throughout the month of April, students set up donation boxes and hung promotional flyers around campus. Items such as dog and cat food, towels, food bowls, and toys for the MDSPCA and grab-n-go food items for the GBMC were collected. Support from all students and faculty for future service projects is appreciated. We are proud of our Mustangs’ dedication and enthusiasm to give back to their community, and we commend them for making a difference!