Proxy Access

Students Granting Parent (Person Proxy) Access

Students may grant their parents, guardians or other user’s access to make a payment and/or view your account activity. To protect your privacy, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires us to obtain student permission before sharing your educational records.

Students please follow the steps below to grant Parent Proxy access:

  1. Sign in to the student SUNOW portal (
  2. Choose Assign Proxy Access under the Self-Service Menu
  3. Select a Proxy from drop down box choose a person
  4. Select the permission for proxy user. Choose from Student Finance, Financial Aid, Academics or Notifications. To authorize parent ability to Make a Payment and/or view Account Activity you must choose Student Finance.
  5. Read & click the Disclosure Agreement and click SAVE.
  6. You may Add Another User to have proxy access. Please follow the detailed information prompts to add another user with proxy access to your selected student information.

Parent/Person Proxy Access

Please note student authorization is required for Parent (Proxy) Access per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If you are unable to access Student Finance information please contact the student to set-up authorization.

Once your access has been authorized, please follow the steps below to access your student’s financial information.

  1. Sign in to Student Self-Service with your user-name and password that are provided by email that the student has set up.
  2. Select your student’s name to access their account. Please note, you must select the Student Name to make payment on the students account. Do not select the Parent Name (You) to make payments for the student.
  3. Proceed to the Student Finance view the students’ financial account or make a payment.

Note: If you previously had parent access via WebXpress your student will need to complete the Self Service steps to grant you proxy access. The parent will receive an email with confirming access.