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RN to BS/MS Nursing + Career at Stevenson University
July 14, 2015

In its December 2011 report, the Institute of Medicine called for more bachelor’s educated nurses in the workforce. Stevenson’s innovative, accelerated BS in Nursing is designed for working adults like you who want earn your bachelor’s degree as well as to expand your career horizon. This program builds on your current expertise and focuses on professionalism, excellence in practice, and strategies to meet the challenges of the workplace. The programs are flexible and convenient, with courses are offered in two formats: online, which allows for the entire program to be completed online, and hybrid, which is a combination of online and face-to-face. The RN to MS option provides qualified Stevenson University RN to BS students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s in nursing while being strongly focused upon continuing with the graduate program. When you are accepted into the RN to MS option, you’ll take a graduate nursing course while completing their undergraduate work that satisfies the final undergraduate elective and count as the first course in the graduate program. In the MS program, you can choose a concentration in either Leadership/Management, Education, or Population-Based Care Coordination.