From Summer Camp to Studio: Finding Her Calling

Jainaiya Rice
Theatre and Media Performance

Jainaiya’s starting getting involved in the arts at the age of three. Since being at Stevenson, her experience with theatre has broadened.

From performing arts summer camps to SU’s Inscape Theatre, theatre has always been an intricate part of Jainaiya Rice’s life.

As a theatre and media performance major, Jainaiya appreciates that the focus isn’t just on acting alone but on all aspects of theatre: costuming, lighting, tech and set construction, and more. “Because of this, all theatre students at SU graduate with a broad background in theatre,” Jainaiya says.

Field trips to see professional productions and interactions with industry professionals are among the list of experiences that helped Jainaiya uncover her career aspirations. After spending a day in a professional voice acting studio recording radio spots, she felt so inspired that she decided to pursue a career in voice acting and radio.

“I have had opportunities to meet and work closely with professionals in my industry and I do not think I would have gotten these experiences had I not come to Stevenson."
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