Extend Your Reach

Jordan Brown
Theatre and Media Performance
Jordan Brown

“I have so many goals that I want to achieve and I am having so much fun getting closer to each of them."

Theatre and Media Performance major Jordan Brown is a self-proclaimed opportunist who jumps at every chance to move forward through life and extend beyond his comfort zone. As a high school student deciding between several academic disciplines, Jordan chose Stevenson for its mix of majors and strong community feel. Ultimately landing on earning a Bachelor of Arts degree for Theatre & Media Performance, coupled with a Graphic Design minor, Jordan has immersed himself in the opportunities to hone his craft and prepare for success.

From developing foundational techniques in professional theatre courses and lessons in digital media and his involvement in Stevenson productions such as The Nether to enrolling in summer theatre training programs in Washington, D.C. and New York City, Jordan continues to learn new modes of expression that prepare him for versatility in his future career.

As an actor, Jordan has become aware of his power to affect others with the narratives he chooses to participate in. His says that this inspires him to be a positive influence in diverse community settings while broadening his understanding of inclusiveness.

With a five-year plan that includes working in professional theatre and continuing his work in digital media and photography, Jordan believes that his Stevenson experience has guided him in achieving his goals, sharpening his skills, and rehearsing him for whatever comes next. “I have many goals that I want to achieve and I am having so much fun getting closer to each of them.”

"I love the family that I’ve created at Stevenson. They support me, teach me, and keep me on track."
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