Calvin Kendig Mansfield works as a full-time Surgical/Medical ICU nurse and Helicopter Flight Paramedic at Medstar Washington Hospital Center. After being a paramedic for about 15 years, Calvin realized he wanted to help people in a different way. This led him to expand his experience outside of the EMS and transport world where he became a nurse. Now as a Surgical/Medical ICU nurse, he describes his job as a place that is always happy to help a patient in need, no matter the problem.

During this past year, Calvin reflected on his experience sharing that he has truly learned what long-term critical care management is. He went from working full-time in transport to working with patients for just a few minutes or hours to now seeing patients for multiples weeks at a time. These fast-paced transitions can be challenging at times, but with his inspiring nursing brother and sisters at his side, he keeps going. It is knowing that he can support patients as they transition into life and afterlife that continually motivates him.

You would think that anyone with Calvin’s fast-paced schedule would be deterred to continue schooling, but that was not the case. Through Stevenson University Online’s articulation agreement with his nursing school, he discovered he could create a flexible schedule that fit his needs. Through his program he has learned the importance of evidence-based practice (EBP), he knows now what is best for nursing and the care for his patients. Now as he is finishing his RN to Bachelor’s program in Fall 2021 and is continuing onto his Master’s degree in Nursing, he offers advice to other nurses considering an online degree saying, “It is much work, and you need time management, but it is worth it in every way possible.”

Calvin would like that say to all the nurses, that it has been one “roller coaster of a year, but it looks like the ride about to start to get fun. We can keep doing it; we all stick together and support each other. Always have each other’s back.”

Happy Nurses week to all the dedicated nurses and nursing students, we appreciate you!

Student Spotlight