Healthcare Management vs. Healthcare Administration: Everything You Need to Know

When exploring healthcare business master’s programs, it can be difficult to decide between a degree in healthcare management vs healthcare administration. The good news is that these two types of programs are virtually the same. At Stevenson University Online, we’ve been educating students in the healthcare field for over 20 years and can help you choose the program that best fits your career goals.

An individual who has a strong desire to help others and is interested in a leadership role in the healthcare industry should look into healthcare management. A person does not need to be in the operating room, dispense medication, or provide direct care to patients to be a vital part of the medical industry. Without good healthcare management, a healthcare facility would not be able to provide safe effective care for patients.

What is Healthcare Management?

Healthcare Management is over 70 years old and is an interdisciplinary field that grew out of sociology, medicine, and business. Healthcare managers must balance costs, quality, and access to care, all while adhering to healthcare law, ethics, local, state, and federal regulations.

A healthcare manager is responsible for working with facility staff and leadership on daily operations including planning, organizing, leading, monitoring, and evaluating all functions related to the safe operation of the organization.. In reality, these are just a few of the responsibilities a healthcare manager could have, as the role can range from performance reviews to the marketing operations of the facility. A healthcare management masters degree online from Stevenson will prepare you to serve as a manager in any type of healthcare setting you have in mind.

Healthcare manager is a broad term and actual occupational titles are usually more focused. Some job titles within healthcare management include healthcare supervisors, hospital presidents, healthcare operations manager, and facility coordinator.

How Does SUO’s Online Master’s Program Prepare You for the Healthcare Management Industry?

The online Healthcare Management program at Stevenson University Online prepares graduates to be reflective, competent, and confident healthcare managers and leaders equipped to creatively address opportunities and problems facing their communities. Graduates are taught to visualize and achieve excellence in patient safety, quality improvement, and project management in a dynamic healthcare arena. Through partnerships with local Maryland healthcare facilities and organizations, students gain first hand experience in healthcare management and all associated responsibilities.

Healthcare leadership and management competencies, developed in and out of the virtual classroom throughout the students’ tenure in the program, cut across five domains:

  • Communication and relationship management
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge of the healthcare environment
  • Business knowledge and skills

Stevenson University Online’s Masters of Science in Healthcare Management is an International Accreditation Council of Business Education (IACBE) accredited, mission-driven program that uses problem-based learning methods, including case studies, group work, and other applied integrative experiences.

Students of Stevenson’s health administration master’s degree program will be prepared to enter a career path with a focus in Quality Management and Patient Safety or Project Management in Healthcare. The healthcare business masters program also offers an internship for those who have no experience in healthcare settings or want to change careers within healthcare.

What is the Difference Between Healthcare Management and Healthcare Administration?

The main difference between healthcare management and healthcare administration is simply an update in terminology. In other words, there isn’t a difference! Healthcare administration is an older term and the requirements for entering the field used to be more generalized. Healthcare management as a term reflects the updated and more extensive requirements for entering healthcare management occupations. There is no other difference between healthcare management and healthcare administration, but in many cases, administration has been replaced with management to indicate the increased qualifications needed to enter the field.

FAQs for Becoming a Healthcare Manager

If you’re thinking about becoming a healthcare manager, it’s helpful to explore some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from prospective students interested in pursuing a master’s in healthcare management online.

What is the average salary for a graduate of an online master’s in healthcare management program?
$104,280 per year is the average salary for a graduate of a master’s in healthcare management, depending on their level of work experience.

What is the employment rate for a graduate of the MS in HCM Program at Stevenson University ?
100% of students are employed after graduating from the MS in HCM Program at Stevenson University.

What did you like most about Stevenson University and Stevenson University Online (asked to a real student)?
SUO is a part of SU so it has the support and resources of a brick and mortar. The program provided me with thorough insight into healthcare management and administration that I would not have been able to obtain anywhere else.

What is the projected job growth over the next 5-10 years for the healthcare management industry?
The Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates the job growth outlook for Medical and Health Services Managers for 2019-2029 is 32%, much faster than average.

What are some occupational titles for graduates of a masters in healthcare management online program?

  • Health Insurance Corporations
    • Senior Project Analyst
    • Enrollment Manager
    • Senior Insurance Coordinator
    • Insurance Data Analyst
    • Benefits Manager
    • Manager, Operations
    • Project Manager
  • Hospitals/Medical Centers
    • Health System Credentialing Coordinator
    • Service Excellence Director
    • Patient Care Manager
    • Patient Navigator
    • Director, Performance Improvement Specialist
    • Patient Flow Coordinator
    • Administrative Specialist
    • Senior Budget Analyst
    • Senior Compliance Analyst
    • Billing Director/Manager
    • Revenue Recovery Manager
    • HR Director/Manager
    • Veterans Case Manager
    • Utilization Review Director
    • Director, Patient Access
    • Director, Quality Management and Patient Safety
    • Physician Practices
    • Marketing/Communications Director
    • Payroll and HR Administrator
    • Registration Manager
  • Long Term Care
    • Admissions Director
    • Marketing Director
    • Activities/Recreational Specialist
    • Intake Manager
  • Government Agencies
    • COVID-19 Call Center Department
    • Health Policy Analyst

Still Interested in Healthcare Management Jobs?

Now you know the difference between healthcare administration and healthcare management and you know what it takes to pursue a career in healthcare management. If you’re still interested in exploring a masters in healthcare management online, visit our website to learn more about applying and taking the next step in pursuing a healthcare management job and career.