Unpaid Leave of Absence

An Unpaid Leave of Absence is defined as a period of time in which the employee will not be working, for medical or non-medical reasons, and the length of the absence is in excess of the individual’s available paid leave. The respective Vice President may grant a requesting employee a leave of absence without pay for a specified period of time if it does not conflict with the needs of the University and the department(s) concerned. The employee must apply in writing to the applicable supervisor and/or the Vice President for Human Resources as soon as possible after determining the need for a leave of absence.

Before an unpaid leave of absence can begin, the employee must exhaust all forms of accrued paid leave (sick/personal/vacation) available. During the unpaid leave of absence, no vacation or sick/personal leave time will be accrued. Additionally, the employee will not be eligible for holiday pay until the employee returns to active status. Benefits may be maintained at the employee’s expense for the specified period of approved leave in accordance with the plan documents.

Any employee who applies for unemployment insurance benefits while out on a leave of absence will be considered to have voluntarily quit their employment as of the date the claim was filed.

(Approved January 2021)