Statutory Benefits

Maryland Workers’ Compensation

All employees are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act. When an incident involving an injury or potential injury occurs on the job, the employee must report the incident to Security and their supervisor as soon as reasonably possible. The Workers’ Compensation benefit, including filing claims, is administered by Human Resources. Workers’ Compensation insurance pays medical services needed as a result of a covered job-related injury. Should a covered injury result in necessary absence from work, Workers’ Compensation will pay a portion of the employee’s salary. The University pays all costs of providing this insurance.

Maryland Unemployment Insurance

Individuals who have lost employment through no fault of their own may be covered under Maryland Unemployment Insurance. The University complies with state and federal laws in providing unemployment insurance. The University pays all costs of providing this insurance.

Social Security and Medicare

Both the University and the employee are required to pay FICA taxes through payroll. FICA consists of Social Security and Medicare taxes combined. At present, the University and the employee are each required to contribute 7.65 percent of the employee’s gross salary, up to a maximum salary determined by the federal government.

(Approved June 2020)