Standing Administrative Committees of Stevenson University

General Policies and Procedures

Membership on standing administrative committees of the University is established in affirmation of the importance of broad participation by administration, faculty, staff, and students in planning and implementing programs and activities of the University and in addressing issues of University-wide concern.

It is critically important that each committee perform effectively in order to achieve its implicit objectives and enable the University to achieve its mission. Thus, it is important that each committee meet periodically to plan and implement its responsibilities and maintain minutes. Additional guidelines on standing committees follow:

  1. Each Committee Chairperson is asked to assume primary responsibility for leadership of the respective committee, for convening the committee, for appointing a committee member to record minutes, for implementing its responsibilities or submitting its recommendations to the appropriate next level of authority.
  2. All committee members are expected to give appropriate priority to the committee’s assignments and to cooperate fully with the committee process.
  3. Any member of the University community who has suggestions or resources for any committee will inform the respective committee Chair of this information as soon as possible.
  4. Committees should keep accurate minutes of their meetings on file.
  5. For a list of Standing Administrative Committees of Stevenson University and their members contact the Vice President of Human Resources.

(Approved October 2019)