Space Management

Stevenson University is committed to responsibly and effectively managing its physical resources. The following chart shows the different space usage categories, those responsible for managing those categories, and the processes followed to manage University space.

Stevenson University Space Responsibilities Matrix

Responsible Party


CFO/Vice President, Administration and Finance (CFO/VPAF)

Individual Vice Presidents (or designees)


New Construction

Confer with Vice Presidents & Board of Trustees to Determine Construction Projects

per Master Plan

Primary Responsibility for New Construction Projects

Provide input to President regarding potential projects. Provide input to CFO/VPAF regarding functionality required in proposed projects

Scheduling and assignments

Maintain inventory of spaces and the Vice President who is responsible for scheduling and assignment

Schedule and assign spaces to appropriate members of the university community

Zoning/Primary Usage

Approve proposed re- zoning

Maintain inventory of zoning/primary purpose of spaces. Propose re-zoning of spaces to President

Provide input to CFO/VPAF regarding re- zoning of space

Renovation and Maintenance

Approve proposed renovations

Maintain inventory of needed maintenance. Recommend renovation and maintenance projects to President

Provide annual input to CFO/VPAF regarding needed renovation & maintenance projects

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the CFO/Vice President, Administration and Finance.

(Approved April 2021)