Service Program Leave

Stevenson University (SU) seeks to encourage full-time staff to volunteer their time and talents to participate as trip chaperones in support of our student service programs.

The purpose of this experience is to allow Stevenson University staff to participate with students and faculty to share diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences with one another while engaging in selfless service.


All full-time staff with at least one year of employment at Stevenson University are eligible to participate in service program leave per the stipulations enumerated below.

  1. A full-time Stevenson University employee may receive up to a maximum of 40 hours of paid service program leave in one fiscal year to perform qualifying volunteer service during an employee’s normally scheduled working hours. An employee may participate in this leave program once every other fiscal year.

  2. The number of chaperones per program depends on student participation. Two staff chaperones may be selected and assigned for every ten students who register to participate. Participation as a chaperone is not a guaranteed opportunity.

  3. Time spent commuting to and from the volunteer service site and/or time the employee volunteers outside of the employee’s regularly scheduled work hours are not considered qualifying service program leave and as such is not paid time.

  4. Employee’s performance must be at a satisfactory level or above and the employee must not have an active performance improvement plan.

  1. The employee must request the leave in advance and it must be pre-approved by the employee’s supervisor. Supervisors should ensure the service program leave is at a time when it will not impair essential functions of the employee’s unit or department.

  2. The employee must agree to perform all roles and responsibilities of a trip chaperone.

  3. Employees are expected to participate in all pre-departure meetings and post-program activities, including, but not limited to, reflection sessions, fund raising, service actions, and anything else that is required of the student participants. .

  4. A participating employee is not permitted to receive any additional direct compensation or benefits for participating in the service program leave or in any of the pre and/or post-departure meetings and activities.

  5. This leave is not available to employees who are less than full-time.

  6. A participating employee must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.

  1. This leave is only available for service programs identified and supported by Stevenson University.

  2. Service program proposals should be sent to the respective Vice President for review and submission to Cabinet for consideration. Initial work on service programs shall not begin until written authorization is received by the Cabinet.

  3. The chaperone is responsible for all travel and ancillary costs associated with participating in the service program (transportation, lodging and meals).

  4. This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis. Human Resources will provide reports to the Cabinet as requested.

(Approved November 2020)