Personal Leave

The University provides eligible employees with the opportunity to accrue personal leave. Personal days are in addition to vacation and sick and safe leave and can be used for any reason.


Personal days are awarded annually at the beginning of the fiscal year.


Full-Time Staff

Immediate Upon Employment

3 days

Personal days are awarded on a pro-rata basis for new hires depending on date of employment. Personal days do not carry over from one fiscal year to the next.

Part-Time Regular Staff earn personal leave on a prorated basis (for example, an employee budgeted at .75 of full time earns 3 eight-hour days multiplied by .75). Faculty, part-time on-call (scheduled hours on an as needed basis) and student employees do not accrue personal leave.


Personal leave should be requested to the staff member’s immediate supervisor in advance but by no later than the start of the employee’s workday.


Personal days are not paid out upon termination of employment.

(Approved October 2019)