Outside Professional and Employment Activities for Full-Time Faculty

Outside professional activities are activities related to the faculty member’s academic discipline, and which are administered or sponsored by persons, entities, or governmental agencies other than the University. Outside activities are encouraged by the University where such activities give the faculty member experience and knowledge valuable to professional growth and development and do not conflict with the faculty member’s obligations to the University. These activities may help the faculty member to make worthy contributions to instructional programs or to make a positive contribution to the University or the community. Examples of acceptable “outside professional activities” include:

  1. Practicing a profession on a part-time basis;
  2. Providing professional, managerial, or technical consulting services to an outside entity;
  3. Serving on a committee, panel or commission established by an outside entity;
  4. Testifying as an expert in administrative, legislative or judicial hearings;
  5. Participating in or accepting a commission for a musical, dramatic, dance or other artistic performance or event sponsored by an outside entity;
  6. Acting as a reviewer or editor for professional journals or book manuscripts;
  7. Presenting occasional lectures or papers at meetings of an outside entity; and,
  8. Serving on a corporate or non-profit board.

Before engaging in outside professional activities, the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost must be apprised of such activities in writing so that they may be duly recognized and documented by the University.

The following University facilities may be used by faculty members in connection with “outside professional activities” without prior approval or reimbursement:

  1. Personal office space, excluding personal client interaction;
  2. Local telephone calls;
  3. E-mail accounts;
  4. Personal computers, if available.

No outside professional activity shall be undertaken that might interfere with a faculty member’s primary responsibilities to the University. While the faculty member is encouraged to engage in outside professional activities, such activities must be clearly subordinate to his/her teaching, advising, scholarship, and University service responsibilities. Each faculty member is required to receive written permission from the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost prior to taking on significant other outside activities and/or employment that suggest a conflict regarding the faculty member’s obligations to Stevenson University (such as teaching at another institution).

The individual faculty member’s contract shall take precedence over anything contained in this policy.