Organization of the University

Board of Trustees and Board of Trustees Committees

For the Board of Trustees and the Board Committees they serve, see Appendix I-E.

The President and the President’s Cabinet President

  • Formulates plans and programs for and directs administration of the University, within authority delegated by the Board of Trustees.
  • Confers with the Board of Trustees to plan and initiate programs concerning organizational, operational and academic functions of campus, and oversees their execution.
  • Administers fiscal and physical planning activities such as development of budget and building and expansion programs, and recommends their adoption.
  • Negotiates with administrative officials and representatives of business, community, and civic groups to promote objectives and policies of institution as formulated by Board of Trustees.
  • Establishes operational procedures, rules, and standards relating to faculty and staff classification standards, financial disbursements and accounting requirements.

President’s Cabinet

Members include:

  • President
  • Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost
  • Vice President of Finance and Administration & Chief Financial Officer
  • Vice President and Chief of Staff.
  • Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Vice President for Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator
  • Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations
  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Vice President for University Advancement

· The Cabinet’s charge is to advise the President on administrative matters and to address institutional concerns.

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost

  • Facilitates and advances the development of academic goals and directions for the academic programs of the University; establish measures of academic effectiveness and monitor progress.
  • Oversees the planning, management, and ongoing review of academic affairs budgets, and ensures that programs and budgets reflect the strategic direction of the University.
  • Facilitates and provides support for faculty recruitment, evaluation, development, retention, and governance in a teaching-oriented setting.
  • Partners with other senior administrators to elevate and strengthen academic programs, to improve student retention, and to ensure fair, effective, and positive delivery of services to students on academic matters.
  • Serves as the accreditation liaison officer for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Vice President of Finance and Administration & Chief Financial Officer

  • Responsible for the University’s financial and business operations, including the development and submission of the budget to the President and Board of Trustees.
  • Participates in developing short and long range strategic planning; oversees auxiliary services, facilities plant operations, athletics and security/transportation functions
  • Responsible for collection, investment, reimbursement, accounting and auditing of all University funds; and oversees building renovation and construction financing.

Vice President and Chief of Staff

  • Serves as liaison between the President and key constituents, including trustees, faculty, staff, students and the surrounding community.
  • Works collaboratively with other Cabinet members.
  • Manages the operations of the President’s Office.
  • Represents the President at various internal and external events.
  • Oversees the development of the Strategic Planning process.
  • Plans and executes special events and meetings both on and off campus.
  • Manages the Baltimore Speakers Series.
  • Helps prepare for Board and subcommittee meetings, facilitates Board orientations and takes responsibility for managing communication with the Board.
  • Manages Conference Services
  • Helps with Security, Maintenance and Food Services, when needed.

Vice President, Enrollment Management

  • Responsible for enrollment activities for all new students to the University, including the admissions and financial processes for traditional, and transfer students.
  • Collaborates on marketing and enrollment processes with Stevenson University Online staff.
  • Establishes and oversees admissions guidelines and practices.
  • Conducts ongoing statistical and market analysis and directs preparation of all enrollment marketing and other print materials to effectively promote the University.
  • Ensures admissions goals are established according to the strategic plan of the University.

Vice President, Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator

  • Responsible for human resource management and development relating to the recruitment and retention of staff, including policy development, recruiting and hiring, benefits plan design and administration, compensation practices and administration, employee relations, personnel records, student employment programs and legal compliance.
  • Works cooperatively with the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs for same related to faculty.
  • Manages the Human Resources function to support the strategic plan.
  • Develops internal tracking to better analyze effectiveness of HR practices.
  • Serves as Chair of the Policy Manual and Co-chair of the Diversity & Inclusion committee.
  • Serves as Title IX Coordinator and committee Chair.
  • Serves as Fair Practices Officer under the direction of the President.

Vice President, Marketing and Digital Communications

  • Responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive strategic marketing and public relations program for the entire University, in keeping with the University’s mission and brands.
  • Develops and manages relationships with the media, including obtaining regular and visible media coverage for the University in television, radio, print, online and social media.
  • Participates with the President and Cabinet members in developing and implementing short and long-term strategic marketing plans.
  • Responsible for all phases of publishing the University’s magazine and internal newsletters, including but not limited to planning, writing, editing and overseeing design and production.
  • Assists with publicity for University-wide events planning and implementation.

Vice President, Student Affairs

  • Provides leadership in administering a comprehensive range of co-curricular programs and services designed to support student engagement and success.
  • Responsible for student activities, residence life, students’ rights and responsibilities, and health and wellness services.
  • Develops and implements student Leadership programs.
  • Oversees campus housing, including development of a comprehensive educational, social and personal enrichment program for residents.
  • Chairs the University Hearing Board.
  • Enforces judicial policies, including sanctions and advising students.
  • Assesses the quality of student services and executes necessary changes.

Vice President, University Advancement

  • Develops short and long-range goals to meet institutional funding objectives and enlists support from members of the University and governing body.
  • Oversees the development and submission of grant proposals from private foundations, corporations, and government agencies.
  • Identifies potential contributors to special project funds and ongoing operations through examination of past records, individual and corporate contracts and knowledge of community.
  • Oversees activities related to planning and coordinating fund drives, organizing direct mail campaign to reach potential contributors and planning and coordinating fund raising events.

(Approved June 2018)