Jury Duty

The University recognizes the importance of jury duty and supports the principle by providing time off. Full-time staff will indicate Jury Duty on their timesheet for full or partial days served. Part-time on-call staff are not eligible for paid Jury Duty leave. Faculty are expected to advise their respective chair of their summons and adjust their schedule accordingly.

A copy of the summons to serve on a jury or subpoena must be presented to the employee’s supervisor at least one day prior to time scheduled service is to begin. The individual must report to work during regular working hours except when the individual’s presence is required by the court. After the individual has completed jury duty, evidence of having served for time claimed should be forwarded to the employee’s supervisor.

The University will not ask that an individual be released from jury duty excepting a hardship created for the department when a deferral may be requested.

Individuals subpoenaed to appear in court as witnesses are given the time off with pay. Appearance in court for traffic or other violations or as a party in a lawsuit is charged to vacation, personal day or leave without pay.

(Approved January 2021)