General Procedures for Changing, Deleting, or Adding University Policies

Policy changes, additions or deletions originating from members of the University community shall be addressed in writing to the Policy Manual Committee Chair (PMC), Vice President Human Resources.

a. The PMC will review recommendations for policy changes, deletions, or additions.

b. The PMC will submit new or revised policy recommendations to the Cabinet for review and initial approval, with the final approval by the President.

c. The President will forward approved policies to the PMC Chair, who in turn routes these policies to the persons responsible for dissemination.

d. Policy changes that originate from a proposed Resolution of the Faculty Council must be approved by the President. The President will forward copies of the approved Resolutions to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost who in turn routes these documents to the persons responsible for dissemination, including the PMC Chair.

e. The PMC Chair, or designee, is responsible for communicating all policy changes, deletions, or additions to the University community and for placing policies in the Policy Manual on the University website and portal.

f. The PMC is responsible for monitoring changes in national and local higher education practice and law to ensure that the University’s practices are up-to-date and appropriate.

Nothing in these procedures shall be construed to restrict the prerogative of the President to change or create policy. The President’s Office will inform the PMC Chair of any such policies or revisions.

(Approved June 2018)