Filming on Stevenson University Property

Any filming on Stevenson University property that is intended for broad distribution, including independent, academic, or administrative projects, must be approved in advance by submitting a written request to the Vice President of Marketing and Digital Communications at least two weeks in advance of the expected date of filming. This policy applies to all internal parties of the University, i.e. students, faculty, and staff, and to external parties not employed, enrolled, or otherwise associated with the university.

Should permission be granted, that permission does not serve as an endorsement of the production or its content, nor does it imply that the University facilities requested for use in the filming will be available or accessible. When permission is granted, the requesting party will be expected to communicate with Conference Services, Campus Security, and other appropriate University offices to request, arrange, and schedule access to campus facilities. The requesting party also will need to post signage during the filming to indicate that the site is being used for a film or video production. Certain circumstances will require a faculty or staff member to be on site during the filming, and the requesting party will need to arrange this.

Students filming on Stevenson property for specific academic projects associated with the Film and Moving Image (FMI) program must abide by procedures set forth by FMI and the School of Design.

Forms to request approval for filming on school property can be found on the portal.

Violation of this policy could result in disciplinary action.

(Approved July 2019)