Filming on Stevenson University Property

Student Film Projects for Academic Coursework or Program Activities

Students filming on Stevenson property for academic projects associated with an academic program must follow all policies and procedures set forth by the School of Design, including reserving spaces/rooms in advance. Please refer to the “Student Filming on Campus Guide” for details. Any students filming academic projects involving sensitive subjects (e.g. use of prop weapons, portrayals of violence, portrayals of acts of hate, discrimination, racism, and sexism; or nudity and obscenity) must first submit a request by filling out the “School of Design Permission to Film S​ensitive Subjects on Campus” form located on the School of Design page on the SU Now Portal at least two weeks in advance of the filming date(s). Upon approval by the Vice President of Marketing and Digital Communications, the student(s) must then follow the same procedures outlined in the “Student Filming on Campus Guide” on the SU Now Portal.

Violation of this policy could result in disciplinary action.

Independent and Commercial Film Projects by External or Internal Parties of Stevenson

Any request for filming on Stevenson University property that is intended for film and videos produced for broad use or distribution, including independent or commercial (advertising) projects, and administrative projects should be submitted for review to the Vice President of Marketing and Digital Communications at least four weeks in advance of the expected date of filming. The four-week timeframe is necessary since approval by the Vice President of Marketing and Digital Communications does not include approval to use particular sites or locations on campus and scheduling of facilities, which must be done through the Office of Conference Services after a project has been approved. A four-week lead time should give the requesting party sufficient time to request facilities access or alter their plans if requested facilities are unavailable.

This policy applies to all internal parties of the University, i.e. students, faculty, and staff (full-time, part-time, or contractual) involved in independent or commercial film projects and to external parties not employed, enrolled, or otherwise associated with the university. In general, no office of Stevenson University, other than the Office of Marketing and Digital Communications, should give permission to any external parties or organizations to use any campus location or facility for filming. The use of Stevenson property or facilities entails insurance and legal liability issues as well as possible financial costs and disruptions for the University. Offices that receive these inquiries or requests should forward them to the Vice President of Marketing and Digital Communications.

Should permission be granted, that permission does not serve as an endorsement of the production or its content, nor does it imply that the University facilities requested for use in the filming will be available or accessible.

(Revised May 2023)