Acceptable Use Policy

  1. PURPOSE: This policy provides the guiding principles for the ethical, legal and secure usage of technology resources at Stevenson University.
  1. SCOPE: This policy applies to all users of Stevenson University’s technology resources.
  • User: Someone who is provided access to technology resources, including students, faculty, staff, contractors and other approved individuals or groups.
  • Cloud computing service: Any function provided by an agreement with an external organization that includes the ability to store or transmit electronic information.
  • Software: Any code, program or application designed to perform specific functions on a device.
  • Technology resource: Any device, software or service that stores or transmits electronic information as part of its function.
  • Device: Any equipment or hardware that stores or transmits electronic information. This includes computers, mobile devices, network equipment, phones, and server systems.
  • University responsibilities.

Granting access. Stevenson University is responsible for determining the appropriate access to technology resources for all users.

Security and privacy. Stevenson takes reasonable measures to protect the security and privacy of its technology resources. As part of those responsibilities, authorized Stevenson staff members may monitor, log and review activity on any technology resource.

  • User responsibilities. All users of Stevenson’s technology resources must:

Comply with applicable laws, regulations and Stevenson policies. This includes federal, state, and other applicable laws, regulations, contracts regarding, but not limited to, copyright, patents, trademark, software license agreements and Stevenson policies regarding electronic communications, protection of institutional data, and operation of technology resources.

Practice ethical use of technology resources. The key principle is respecting the intended usage of technology resources. Other key principles:

  • Do not interfere with proper functioning of any technology resource.
  • Do not use technology resources for unauthorized activities, including political campaigns or commercial use unrelated to Stevenson University.
  • Respect the rights and privacy of other users.

Protect Stevenson’s technology resources and data.

  • Ensure the confidentiality and appropriate use of any University data.
  • Protect their user credentials, including passwords.
  • Protect any devices issued to them from unauthorized use or theft.
  • Report any violation or potential violation of laws, regulations contracts or Stevenson policies regarding technology resources. All reports should be made to the appropriate university authority(ies).

5. ENFORCEMENT: See OIT Enforcement Policy

(Approved May 2020)