The Stevenson Fund: Annual Giving

Help our Students Succeed

The Stevenson Fund provides the necessary resources for projects, academic and co-curricular programs, and opportunities that Stevenson students encounter.  You may choose to designate your gift to the area most important to you or make an unrestricted gift, allowing us to allocate your support to where it is needed the most.

Make Your Gift Today

Become an integral part of Stevenson’s community by giving today.

The university does its best to plan for every possibility, but emergencies do happen. By supporting the area of greatest need, you help provide emergency financial assistance, make unplanned facility repairs, or help respond to other unforeseen needs.

Unrestricted gifts allow us to allocate funds to areas where they are needed most.

The university responds to the changing needs of the marketplace and develops programs to meet the needs and interests of our students in order to maintain our signature, career-focused education. As quickly as the world around us changes, so do the needs of our faculty to ensure top-notch instruction and provide innovative opportunities to learn. Supporting Academics means providing the university with the ability to be nimble in our work and approach throughout the year.

While the university does its best to meet the financial needs of our students, gaps do exist. From merit-based scholarships to gap scholarships to emergency funding, gifts in support of scholarships can change a student’s life.

To maintain a high level of engagement and involvement with our students, the university always looks for new and innovative ways to support and nurture our students outside of the classroom. Whether on the athletic field, in the art gallery, or around fellow students learning dance, meditation, or study skills, Stevenson creates opportunity for our students to thrive and always looks for ways to provide the resources to help build innovative ideas and foundational opportunities. Supporting campus life and programs ensures that students can join, create, and build.

Gifts to our athletics program help to support our student athletes, from equipment and travel to officials and field maintenance.

Scholarships provide financial support to our students, helping them complete their Stevenson education.

Gifts in support of our arts program help to support both of visual and performing student artists.