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Getting Started

What Makes Us Different

With so many colleges and universities out there, it can be difficult to narrow down your college search list. How does Stevenson stand out from the crowd? We provide a distinctive, career-focused, and personalized environment for undergraduate and graduate students. Challenging academic courses are complemented by an invitation to explore the world outside of the classroom. The SU experience is geared toward broadening students' horizons and giving them the tools to adapt to the changing world in which we live. Explore the links below to find out how Stevenson University can help give you the boost you need to prepare for a successful life and career.

Choose Your Direction

Choose Your Direction

Our award-winning Career ArchitectureSM process and team of experts are here to help find the right direction for you.
Visit Our Campuses
Our distinctly different and exciting campuses offer countless ways to expand your mind and your social calendar.
Experiential Learning
We encourage you to take what you have learned in your coursework and apply it in the field to gain authentic, hands-on experiences.
Explore Our Programs
We offer a vast selection of academic programs, all of which have a unique career focus that will prepare you to land a job after graduation.
Meet Your Counselor
Our counselors are happy to answer any questions you may have about the University as well as the college application process.
Get Involved
Find your place in our community with our expansive collection of clubs, sports teams, and music and theatre performance groups.