Greetings everyone! My name is Makaylah Morton and I transferred to Stevenson University from Carroll Community College in the Fall of 2018.

Makaylah Morton

I always knew I wanted to attend Stevenson because I had heard great things about their Psychology program. I attended a “Transfer Tuesday” with my mom to tour the campus and we both really liked what Stevenson had to offer. In addition to that, Stevenson offers amazing transfer scholarships that can cover nearly all of your tuition if you meet the necessary requirements. Once I applied and was accepted, I attended an Accepted Student’s Day where I met all of the Psychology faculty. Our Department Chair, Dr. Elliott, helped me create my schedule and made sure I was comfortable with my adviser prior to starting my first semester at Stevenson.

Although I have only been at Stevenson for two years and am graduating soon, I was able to form very strong relationships with many of the Psychology faculty and students. The students have always been very welcoming and helpful since I began attending. Transferring was a great experience for me because I was able to get scholarships that I would not have been able to receive straight out of high school. I also got many general electives out of the way which all transferred to Stevenson seamlessly. So Transfer Students, don’t be afraid to make the choice. Check out Stevenson University!

Interviewed by : Ethel Zepeda